The United States has suffered at least 30 dragon tornadies overnight in the United States.

December 11th, the scene after the Mayfield dragon tornado in Kentucky, USA.

(Xinhua News Agency, Carno, Sanchez), uploaded to social media video and photos show that the brick building in Melfield Town, Kentucky is a flat place, and the parked car is almost rubbed, Grets The county court architecture has collapsed, and a church is collapsed. "It looks like a bomb," 31-year-old resident Alex Goodman told the Agency reporter. The tornado has led to more than 70 people in Kentucky, many of which are workers in a candle plant in Mayfield.

According to Behir, this candle is destroyed by the tornado. At that time, there were approximately 110 workers in the factory, and about 40 people were rescued. If you can find survivors under the ruins, it will be "miracle." "This is the worst, most destructive, and most deadly tornado event in Kentucky.

"Behiz said, he is worried that the number of people in the state may exceed 100 people.

  Pech Thege Roof 4 hours to the candle factory, I hope to find the mother Gil Mono, who can work in the factory.

She said: "This is a disaster.

"Behiser announced that Kentucky entered the emergency, and 189 state national guards put into rescue.

  Duzhou lost weight in the southern city of Illinois, Edwardsville, Amazon, was attacked by tornado, about 100 workers were trapped. James Whiteford, Edwards, Tell Media Reporter: "45 people have safely escaped buildings, and 1 person was taken from the aircraft to the regional hospital for treatment, and 6 people died.

"Amazon founder Jeff Besos said in the social media twice that" heartbreaking "is" heartbreaking "to workers.

  According to the French New Society, this wave dragon tornado also led to at least two people in Arkansas, four people and one death in Tennessee and Missouri respectively. US power tracing website data shows that more than 500,000 users in many states are discharged from the dragon roll.