The second batch of political and legal teams in Shanxi Province rectified provincial political and legal organ leadership team collective conversation meeting

  Original title: Lin Wu’s second batch of political and legal team education in the province’s second batch of political and legal teams, the leadership team of the provincial political and legal organs, emphasized the courage to cut the blade, resolutely remove the fraud, efforts, forging loyalty, work, politics, the military, the iron army, September 8, the second Batch law team education rectifies the provincial political and legal organ leadership team collective conversation meeting, the Provincial Party Committee Secretary, Provincial Political Legion Education, Hosting Leadership Leadership Forest Hosting the meeting and speaking. He emphasizes that we must learn from the spirit of Xi Jinping’s Rule of Law and the General Secretary of Xi Jinping, General Secretary of Xi Jinping, and Implementing the General Secretary of the Popular Secretary on Political and Legal Team Education and Reorganization, Further Enhancing the Political Station, Strengthening Responsibility, Strengthening the Second The deputy team education rectified and walked deeply, and strive to force the Shanxi political and legal iron army who was loyal and clean, and made a satisfactory answer to the party and the people with excellent results. The provincial leaders Wang Yuchang, Lu Yansong, Shang Li Guang, Chen An Li, Sun Hongshan, Feng Jun, Yang Jinghai attended. Lin Wu pointed out that since the second batch of political and legal team education rectification Education, English education "four education", and strive for education and rectification.

At present, the second batch of education and rectification enters the check-in change, the clues are inspected, and the problem rectification is completely unpleasant, and it directly determines the effectiveness of education.

Provincial political and legal organs should consciously stand in politics and global heights, brave in the blade, and resolutely revolution and remove the disadvantage, and promote education and rectification.

  First, we must improve political stations and further enhance the mission of carrying out education and rectification.

The leaders of the provincial government agency are both educated, practitioners, practitioners, and organizers, promoters, to enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", effectively put the thoughts and The actions are unified to the central and provincial committees of the provincial party, around the "three prominent" "three tasks" "three links", the whole – roundness, anti-corruption police, so that the provincial political and legal organs will further optimize, discipline style Further improve, the quality capacity is further enhanced, and the law enforcement justice credibility is further improved. Demonstration will drive the province’s political and legal organs to strengthen revolutionization, formalization, specialization, professional construction, better shoulder the responsibilities of the party and people.

  Second, we must grasp the policy strategy and further promote the effectiveness of the key link to check the key links. In accordance with the requirements of the central and provincial committee deployment, we will adhere to the "two rounds of" in the "two rounds", and the policies are guided, and the internal force is inspected, and the inspection and punishment is really hard. Adhere to the "two-sided people", "two-sided people", and complete investigation of the party’s unfaithful "two sides", and investigate the "two sides of the party", and investigate the "two sides of the party", and investigate the "relationship network" "Relationship Network", "Relationship Network" Law enforcement judicial corruption, strictly checking the party’s 18th National Congress, and resolutely remove the horses of harmful horses and resolutely safeguard the body health of political and legal teams. Third, we must adhere to targeted therapy, further rectifying law enforcement justice outstanding issues.

To fully investigate the target, carry out the big investigation big, establish a problem account, formulate the rectification plan, one of a well-remediation. It is necessary to dig deep into the root cause "lesion", and analyze the deep reason, adhere to the disease, the next treatment, time remediation, promote individuality problems and common problems, the problem of dominant problem is solved together, ensuring solid results. It is necessary to improve the soil soil, stick to the side of the border, establish and improve the righteousness, the constraint, the quality capacity, the cadre exchange, the "Forbidden List", from the long-term mechanism such as preferential control, use the rule of law thinking Reform Thinking, Institutional Thinking Crack the Deep Problem of Exposure of Education in Education.

To open the door to rectify, listen to the people’s voice and appeal, deepen "I do practical things for the people" "I am a grassroots solution" activity, do the voice of the people in education and rectification, grassroots opinion is solved in education, constantly Enhance the people’s people’s feelings, happiness, and safe sense.

  Fourth, it is necessary to focus on the symptoms and the role of the law, and further create a good political ecology in the style of the political and legal system.

Combine education and rectification and purification political ecology, strengthen the "furnace" quenching, inheriting red genes, strict discipline rules, profoundly drawing on Liu Xinyun, violation of law, especially serious violations of political discipline and political rules, consciously do political understanding People, old people. It is necessary to adhere to the Germans and both, with morality first, choose cadres, deepen the source, Han Dynasty, raise gas, solid, and play the leading role of the organism belt system, so that the province’s political and legal system is More fill, politics is more clear.

  Five must catch the "key minority" to further strengthen the supervision and constraints of "one hand" and leadership.

Conscientiously implement the party and the party "on strengthening the opinions of" a hand "and leadership supervision", continuously improve the discovery and solving the ability of the team construction, leading the cadres’ own issues, staring at all aspects, hosted the key people, manage the crucial At the critical, strengthen the management of human belongings, strictly enforce the three provisions of the intervention judicial ", standardize individual matter reports and family employment behavior, adhere to the supervision and inspection of normalization, analyze the normalization, rectification, implementation, and implementation Do it in daily, strict. It is necessary to keep in mind that the power is given by the party and the people, take the initiative to accept supervision, correct use of power, and ensure the right to use public rights, use the right to legal according to law and integrity. Lin Wu emphasizes that the task of maintenance and stability is difficult, and the political and legal organs at all levels must conscientiously perform their duties, adhere to the responsibility of the defender, defend the soil, defend the risk awareness and bottom line thinking, and resolutely hold the safe and stable bottom line, build a private line The capital is safe and stable, "protecting the city", to protect the performance of safety, and stability to inspect the results of education and rectification, to promote high-quality development of high-quality development in our province, a stable social environment, justice environment and quality service surroundings.

  The Provincial Party Political and Legal Committee, the Provincial Court, Provincial Procuratorate, Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Justice Department, and Provincial Prison Administration leadership team members participated in collective conversations. (Reporter Yang Wen).