She screamed。
Everyone was attracted by her scream.。
“Jia Coagon,Sorry,Script is here,Maybe I gave you it.。”
Ginger is sorry,Walking over the script。
子 一 看 看,Confirm this this is the script of her to Song Jiandi。
Everyone:“”This reverses,How is it in self-director??
Song Jiandi immediately out of tears,“sorry,编 剧,Ginger is wrong,When she gave me the script”Zi Zi Shu is very confused, watching Song Jia Ding,Interrupt her words:“Teacher Song,Really wrong??
Do you have anyone Mr. Lu??”
“Take this morning to shoot,And I have a tacit understanding with the a few days.,There is no time”Song Jiandi bowed tears,If you don’t say it, let everyone understand.,She is not intentional。
子 冷 冷冷,It’s really true that there are very good feelings that she Lu Qran is very good.。
“Condolence,Is it really wrong??”
Lu Yuli looks deeply looks at the simple girl in front of him.,Face is very bad。
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Girl in front of me,There is a very exquisite face from a small child.,In his opinion,Exquisite and fragile glazed,Also because her family conditions are not good,I am very hard to work hard.,He will pity so pity.。
He really likes her type of girl,Can let him protect her well,Man,He also hopes that the woman you like can feel safe.,happiness!And Song Jiaru and the girl in his heart is close to,He thought that he like Song Jiandi.。
But after the blushing,He will be nervous,Be angry,Will care about his dreams。
But when I face Song Jiandi,In addition to thinking about her,His heart is like lake。
He knows that he doesn’t like Song Jiaying.,When Song Jia is said to http://www.hnsewingmachine.cn like him,He rejected her directly.。
Song Jiandi shocked and frightened and looked at the front of his eyes.,He still doubt。
“Although”“Two less,Sorry,it’s all my fault,I am taking the wrong script.,Sorry,I am sorry everyone.,Time to delay everyone,I am very sorry。”
Ginger is in all directions,Sincere。
The director also knows that it can’t take it today.,Let everyone go back to rest,Tomorrow continues。
子 看 导 着:“Yang Gui,I set a hotel tonight.,Let’s talk about it,You are also very satisfied with the scriptures,The actors are also very good,If there is no problem with the story behind,I will quit in advance.,After the director and my assistant, there is also the screening of Wei.。”
Yang laughed laughed,“编 剧,This is a misunderstanding,编 剧”“Sorry,Director,For me,This mistake will be large,If I stay, I may http://www.szdwovmbnfegzu.cn cause trouble to everyone.。”
子,I will leave if the director answer。
Lu Yuli chased past。
Song Jia Ding is saddened to stand in place。
He actually chased past。
One time,People present in the field see this scene,The mind of eating melon is heavier.,But no one dares to say anything.。