Look down on someone!!

Zonglin、Clan gate、Holy Palace、Which genius of the Holy See has never been stepped on by himself!
I have stepped on it once as a mortal。
The identity of the dragon shepherd is here again!!
Let them know what God and Mu Shuangquan mean!
“Lingsha girl,I have some doubts,Does Yunzi have any other magical powers?,How else would you know that the Great Court Continent will fall?”Zhu Minglang asked。
Nan Lingsha hesitated,I don’t seem to be going to answer Zhu Minglang’s question。
But after thinking,She still spoke:“Have a girl,Star painting,Her gods are always stargazing prophecies。”
“Foresee……Prophet,I have seen countless mortals,But never heard of stargazing prophecy!”Zhu Minglang feels my sister-in-law is fooling herself。
“You are ignorant。”
“????”Zhu Minglang feels that his previous knowledge of the gods is false。
fortune teller,Zhu Minglang has heard of it,It’s nothing more than a liar who looks at people in the streets。
“Xinghua predicted an approximate time,Others are Li Yunzi’s own inferences。”Nan Lingsha said。