“Is it that I have no days??”

Liao Wenjie touched his face,It should be more。
He took the doubts,Between between,The light and shadow profile of the dream,This time it is clear。
Sword refers to the empty,Indeed in nine-character diagrams,And the face of the figure,It’s herself。
So handsome,At first glance is the people of the selection,Will not be wrong。
Eleventh chapter Don’t try how to know
Refining a few days,Liao Wenjie found a phenomenon of phenomenon,When,He didn’t enter the cultivation state anyway.,As soon as you fall asleep,Raw horse is full,Efficiency lever。
This makes Liao Wenjie not mind,His situation,It is not necessary to have a day.?
if not,What is it??
Or,Everyone is cultivating。
No one explores exchanges,Liao Wenjie does not know what level of the mental power you practice?,More still less。
Seeing the systematic evaluation is still a flesh,The nine-word curse uses half of the dog,Can’t even make it out,It should not be。
Cuisine is a dish,But he found some mental power,Luck in eyelids,Make the ear,If it is full of god,Even the neural response is often a lot of fast。
Internal force、Real gas、magic?
Liao Wenjie felt interesting,Refining is also more selling,Directly leading to early greed,Time to fall asleep is better than awakening。
no way,At present, he will only cultivate in the dream.。
Liao Wenjie sleeps there without night,Zhou Xingxing has fallen into a deadlock,He Min and the case are。
He listens to Liao Wenjie’s suggestion,Tell the death of He Min,Because of identity exposure,Pursue it without any coupling。
He Min is indifferent,Zhou Xingxing repeatedly touched the wall,Ask Liao Wenjie to be told,As long as you continue to make the face must be a needle。
at the same time,Because the case has no progress,yellowSirBig hair,Watch Zhou Star, cover your face。
I have to talk about it here.,In fact, the clue has been in the hand of Cao Dada.,He has been inkilly,Just afraid of death,Did not tell Zhou Star。
Universal,Today, Liao Wenjie woke up,I only feel refreshed,See the window,Ready to eat some things to eat。
Just arrived in the living room,I found that Zhou Xingxing cheeks were bruised.,Cao Dawa is helping him medicine。
“what happened,How does Ax Xing are being flat every day??”
“This time is different,Flat, his people are。”Zhou Xingxing is depressed,Cao Dada picks up the words explained。
Under the explanation of Cao Dada,Liao Wenjie roughly understands the reason。
School,Zhou Xingxing was chasing the younger brother of the school in the school gate.,His high people are not afraid,It’s a pity that it is not lucky.,When I met Huang police official, I took Ye Min.。
The younger brother scattered,Zhou Xingxing was taken away.。
The Huang police official recognized Zhou Xingxing at a glance.,I know that it is his corner of his own wall.,The more you want to get too much,Find a single room preparation and Zhou Xing Xingjun an hour。
He Min arrived in time,Let your boyfriend don’t want to move,When she is about to explode, Zhou Xingxing is as follows.,It was blocked by it。
Clever,It is also a mouth。
Due to the scene of the scene,Huang police officer,Catch Zhou Xingxing is a fat。
“When the people of my boyfriend,You are not flattening, who is flattening?”