“Zhao Guan,What are you doing??Why don’t my postgraduate??”Xu Ruo Bing Although the body is general,not tall,But it is very majestic,At this moment, he is obviously a bit angry.。

Zhao Guanfeng Fighter suddenly exposed a bad laugh:“Do you need to introduce a graduate student in your medical group??You don’t all like the princes……Take the doctor’s three doors with your doctor.,Introduction,And it seems to be a first academic business test.?Need to introduce。”
Zhou Yewu was spicy on the face of several words behind Zhao Guan.。
Originally thought that he was on the shore,It is successful to change the day.,Who once thought that Zhao Kuan sat up?。
Zhou Jixu finally understood why Xu Ruo is described by Zhao Kuan,Brief four words,Faceable。
Xu Ruo is still on the air,Directly:“Less than the graduate students of your own group,We are very good.,And what kind of princes you said?Why do I take a physician of my medical group?,Are you unclear in your heart??As far as you are unfair performance allocation?You still have a face.!”
Scene gunpowder is full,As the victim of Zhou Ye, Zhou Ye has changed to eat melon audience.,He left looks again。
This happens,Let Xu Ruobing’s image in Zhou Ye’s heart is a lot of tall.。
Zhou Ye watched Zhao Wan carefully,Look down,I haven’t had a high god of mans, the god of the people, the gorgeous man.。
Take a closer look at Zhao Xiang,I found that his mouth and eyebrows were sharp.,Do you emit a siph。
Originally this quarrel is still going on,Finally, the nurse can’t see it.,Let two director shut up……
“Who is Lao Xu’s student?,Let’s introduce yourself.。”Nurse Chang Xiaoli smiled,Hurry to find a reason to give two steps。
Zhou Ye,Some embarrassment。
“Hello everyone, I am Zhou Yixu.,Specialist,thank you all。”
Zhou Ye said that when these things,Almost no expression,The temperament of the whole person is also cold。
Specialist,Does he care?,No matter what kind of past, it is a valuable experience.。
Let him somewhat uncomfortable,Zhao Guan’s hostility is not just pointing to yourself.,Also point to our mentor Xu Ruozi。
Zhou Ye went to the head to see Zhao Guan,Suddenly。
Zhao Guan behind the back。
Zhou Ye said after,Xu Ruo is in a stunned:“Xiaolu is a hero of the anti-vulgent last year.,Got a prize of Tiansfeng Health System,It is also the first year after graduation.,I don’t know everyone in the seat.,Self-recognition this age can be more than him?The total person likes to take a diploma,But never pay attention to the development of personal abilities。”
Zhao Kuan is still a bit,Small channel:“I don’t believe that a physician who is not a born is a good doctor.。”
All this is in the ear of Xu Ruozhi.,He is directly responsible for Zhao Kuan.:“You have to take a diploma?We have no professor title in several director.?If you are licking your identity in your city,You can act as director?”
Zhao Guan has some unexpected Xu Ruobing will actually call Zhou Yewei.:“you……”
Xu Ruo is not released,Also learned Zhao Kuan’s yin and yang strange:“You will not really think that you will be a general medical university,An ordinary postgraduate school,Then add a water that cannot be re-waterful foreign doctors?I have qualifications and I talk about my education.?I didn’t dare to say that there is a bull in this day.,But I at least985Master,Domestic ranking first medical university graduation,How many papers I haven’t come.。”
The atmosphere is extremely。
Zhao Guan is estimated to regret that he will not go with a young doctor.,Then provoke the old guy of Xu Ruo.。
“Break!”Gu Xiaoli saw some controls in the scene.,Let everyone go to the room directly。
so,This embarrassing process has not evolved into a more intense。
It’s gradually after the office.。
Only left Xu Ruo Bing and Zhou Ye。
I don’t know what to say in Wenyu.。
Still Xu Ruochi first opened the mouth:“Don’t be afraid of you,I promised to take care of you.,No one can bully you in the emergency。”