Not ruled by wind and rain,There are still five emperors in the Storm Kingdom,Are the top special lives,By coincidence,But only one rose to the level of the Lord of the Holy City during the long years,Others are ordinary emperor level。

“Rushing~”Huge forest,Turned into a green bearded man with long green hair。
The bearded wind and rain dominates with a very special talent means,Thousands of trees can be planted in chaos。
Where there are these trees,Like the eyes of the wind and rain。He can naturally see many things。
“Taoist Qu Kui。”With the call of the wind and rain,A flame appeared in front of him。
This flame,It is a special life and the second special life in the kingdom of wind and rain。
On the Road,He is only a powerful Daoist,But as the top special life,Not only life level and《Holy Book of Thousand Body》Practitioner、Chaos Beast、Similar to ancient practitioners,Some special methods are even more terrifying。
Even said,He himself is a sacred fire,Not only can it explode a hundred times the limit of heaven。
Full burst,In a short period of time, his combat power can be comparable to top Daojun。
“Taoist Qu Kui,You go to the Tianqiong domain in the territory of the Dao League,Give this letter of mine to the new peak Daojun‘Ming Daojun’!”
First13chapter Six powers(under)
In the territory of the dark kingdom not too far away from the city of Chisang,A strange looking person,The big-headed old man with long blue hair like a fan has a gloomy face。
He is the leader of the dark kingdom‘Jun Wudijun’。