“Lord Mage,Our Horace family never conflicts with others,I don’t know if it’s a misunderstanding!”He still plans to not fight,Try not to fight,A possible ninth-level magician and a ninth-level monster,He is not sure!

Wright said coldly:“Really misunderstanding,You Horace Family Fight,Involved my father,Also broke an arm,This is indeed a big misunderstanding!”
Aga·Horace’s face changed slightly:“May I ask you are?”
“My name is wright,My father is a fighter from Fallen Dragon Fort,You Horace family should know my name!”
Aga·Horace murmured inwardly,But I feel a little relieved,In his opinion,Wright’s blow just now must be some kind of magic item or magic scroll。After all, since history,It is impossible for a magician with the fastest practice speed to reach the level of a nine-level magician at this age.。Although the monster that should be given to the disciple by the magician of the sanctuary is very difficult to deal with,But it’s not impossible!Of course even so,He will not give up on solving this matter peacefully,After all,Maybe the old ones will run out!
“Master Wright!I’m very sorry for what happened to your father!”Aga·Horace said very sincerely,“But you see,Something has happened。And your father,As far as I know, I escaped into the Warcraft Mountains!How about this,Our Horace family is responsible for finding him,Responsible for all treatment,And we will give sufficient compensation,Such as the territory of Fallen Dragon Fort?!”Aga·Horace instinctively avoided the possibility that the seventh-level fighter had been killed in the Warcraft Mountains.,If so,I’m really immortal!
“No need!”Wright said lightly,“I have found my father,As for the territorial compensation, I still look down on it。It’s easy to solve peacefully,Leslie·Horace and his descendants handed it over to me,I turned around and left。”
Aga·Horace’s face changed,“Master Wright,Leslie·Horace is the contemporary earl of our family,Representing the reputation of our family,It’s impossible for anything to happen!Please change your terms。”of course,Actually in Aga·In the eyes of Horace,Leslie is more than just a family reputation,At the same time contacting a veteran of the Northland Magic Guild,Even himself is a genius who is expected to become a ninth-level magister!His importance to Leslie,Not even less than my own life。
“In that case,then apply。。。”Wright’s voice has not yet fallen,Aga·Horace has already shot,Did not use the epee,He just took a leap,Grab Wright’s neck with his right hand。
In Aga·According to Horace,Since the conflict has inevitably broken out,Then capture Wright first,Then naturally you can force him to give up killing Leslie·Horace。As long as it doesn’t really hurt Wright,It won’t cause revenge from the sanctuary powerhouse behind him。
As for the one who catches it, I can’t catch him,This is not a problem,No matter how genius is, he is only a seventh-level magician,After three years have passed, I will never break through to level 8.!Even an eighth-level magician,If you come to drive a distance and release an eighth level of magic,It can also cause some difficulties for ninth-level fighters,So close,But there is no resistance!Once caught Wright,Used to threaten the ninth-level purple-patterned black bear behind him,Presumably it dare not risk Wright’s life to attack。
However, he didn’t see it when he did it,Even the purple-patterned black bear Xiao Hei showed a trace of pity on his face。
Danaga·When Horace was two meters near Wright,Wright moved!
Shoot with one palm sideways,There is no way to be mysterious,Just ignite the power of heaven and earth,Fell on Aga·Horace’s face!
Aga·Horace was slapped into the air by the slap,The face quickly swelled up,Fortunately the moment I was hit just now,His grudge gathered on his face,Let the power of this palm weaken more than half,Otherwise it’s not a swollen face,But just fainted。
“You are not wright,who are you?Why are you attacking our horace family?”Aga·Horace didn’t ask these words out,After falling to the ground, he rolled,Quickly made a long whistle。
Of course it’s not a painful long howl,But calling for helpers。
Wright did not stop,Want to kill leslie·Horace also thoroughly investigated his direct descendants,Must first completely destroy the Horace family,Want to destroy the Horace family,First defeat the strong!