Zhu Yi shook his head,“No,I have taken over for a while,I haven’t seen this person yet。”

“Don’t go shopping outside,Care about your dad。”Zhang Siwei reminded。
A bottle of beer,Zhu Yi finished it in a few sips,Asked for another bottle,“I know,He is my dad,Of course I will care。”
Zhang Siwei’s phone rang,Is from the company,She stood up,“You drink slowly,I have something to do with my company,Have to go first。”
“You have to buy the order,Give me 300 yuan,I am a big man,What if you don’t have a penny?。”Zhu Yi said。
Zhang Siwei returned Zhu Yi’s money,Originally just joking,“My new beverage factory,New products just launched,I just came here to give Uncle Zhu some drinks,You can’t help but tease,Really give money,Hahaha,Next time,Remember to bring more money,Don’t let me invite you every time you eat。”
Zhu Yi rolled his eyes,“Know you are kidding,not for you,Don’t take your hand back,Embarrassed to say,Whole person。”
158 Find someone
After Zhang Siwei left,Zhu Yi is still drinking beer slowly,Looking out the window,You Zai Zai。
“Yo,Isn’t this our Mayo brother??What a coincidence,I can meet you after a meal。”Wang San and Er Mao observed Zhu Yi downstairs for a long time,Always looking for opportunities to get closer。
“Two,Also a coincidence,You guys come to eat too?”Zhu Yi greeted them warmly。
“I saw you as soon as I came in,Haven’t ordered yet。”Wang San said。
“Let’s eat together。”Zhu Yi casually invited。
Wang San pretended to look at Er Mao,think about it,nod,“Row,Just have a drink together。”