Qi Er walked out from under the slate covered in dust,This guy is completely different from what he looked like when he first set out.,The original energetic general,Now he has become a sullen dog,The whole person looks listless,Actually this guy didn’t get much harm,But the trauma of the soul is even more painful。

The whole device city is wrong and the rest,Less than 30,000,Except for some advanced warriors,The remaining more than 10,000 people have basically lost their mobility,Completely abolished!
Powerful born under super technology**,Its destructive power is more powerful than in the period without warriors**Even ten times stronger!
This powerful firepower,Not to mention hundreds of thousands of warriors,Even if it’s millions of strong,There is no guarantee that such a devastating blow will be hardened.。
“All,Ready to return to town,Can’t stay in this place,After those guys saw the attack worked,I’ll definitely rush over immediately!”
And then,This guy just finished speaking,The vanguard army rushed over directly!
Vanguard army of five thousand elites,Facing these troops like chickens and dogs,It’s completely God blocking and killing God,Buddha**!
Qi Eryouxin and Zhu Wunian fight this guy,But this guy dare not,The low- and middle-level forces that went out of the entire device city have basically been wiped out.,The rest of these people must not make any mistakes,Since the other party has appeared,Then it means that there are more powerful enemies coming from behind!
Qi Er wants to take these soldiers away directly,But it’s too late,Zhu Wunian rushed over,The long sword in his hand stabbed Qi Er hard,Forced this guy back,Forced to fight Zhu Wunian,The remaining troops were directly charged by the vanguard of the forged sword city and called a smashed one.,Not miserable!
“Qiji,Come to fight!”
Qi Er Randao will kill Zhu Wunian,But a team rushed up from behind,But Zhu Wuxie。
Not tenable,On the other side, Zhu Wushuang has already outflanked their back.!
Chapter nine hundred and sixty six Defeat
“You two!”
Qi Er’s eyes seem to pop out of his own eye sockets,A pair of blood-red eyes looked at the several elders in the sword-forging city in front of them,Facing the cooperation of these guys,I don’t seem to have any resistance anymore!
Unwilling,At this time, Qi Er had only one thought in his mind,why,Why are there weapons of this level in Sword Forge City,Why do you meet someone like Xia Chenglong in Jiancheng,Under the aura of Xia Chenglong,I am like a trash that can’t even be defeated by a small sword forging city!
To know,Before the Lord of the Old City died,In fact, the entire device city has been developed to a terrifying state,And a small sword forging city,I even need to hide in such a corner,The gap between the two,Not to mention ants vs. elephants,At least it should be like a lion and a sheep!
but why?Is it because of my incompetence??Is it because Xia Chenglong is too strong??