This is the so-called help,Unscrupulous and helpless!Menglin Group takes everyone to make a fortune,Gives everyone confidence,Now it’s a difficult time,They all came back。

The people present saw such cash,All shocked,Naturally, there is no doubt about the strength of Menglin Group。
This is also what Wang Shaoxiao has made,Things that can be done by transfer,He wants to exchange a large sum of cash,This is deliberately revealing money,Let everyone eat this reassurance pill!
With this money,The opening of the legendary theme park project as scheduled is not a big problem。
Capital,Inside Siqimen Courtyard。
“what?It can’t fix them?Transferred the server to Hong Kong Island?The players are all shifted?Can still have this kind of operation!”
After Ming Shizun heard the report from his subordinates,I was so angry that I threw out the red sandalwood paperweight on the table。
Turn around,Willow!
When everyone thought Menglin Group was facing life and death,As long as this company’s largest hematopoietic machine,《Blood legend》Game is closed,It’s hard not to break the entire group’s capital chain。
And a top-down ban,A force majeure existence,From the perspective of the industry,It was sentenced to death for Menglin Group。
I don’t know that this Menglin Group is really fate,Actually repaired the plank road,Dark Du Chen Cang,While shutting down the mainland server,Started the conversion journey,Call on all players to transfer to the Hong Kong Island server。
It’s impossible to host a Hong Kong Island server with such a large data capacity.,Miraculously supported。
《Blood legend》Official declaration,In order to cooperate with relevant departments’ net-cleaning operations,This transfer is based on the principle of fairness and voluntariness,Transfer all player data to the Hong Kong Island server。