But beside him,The whole teahouse hall is empty,Everyone can’t sit still,Rushed to the street one after another,Rushed into the hot crowd。

Even those family children,They are not thinking about family interests at the moment,But myself,If I can get Qin’s treasure,How good would that be!
The crowd on the street is gathering,I’m afraid that half of the people from Hongliu City are here,And the other half is on the way。
It’s almost time!Lu Menglin slowly got up,He Bu, who is still sitting opposite him, is a little dazed,He immediately stood up with a panic look。
What Wei Xiaoxing said outside,He Bu heard it all,He doesn’t understand,Why did Teacher Lu ask Wei Xiaoxing to incite everyone,He feels very upset,Because he knows,The foundation of the entire Red Willow City has begun to shake,This huge city of gods,It’s no longer as majestic as they were when they first arrived,But under the influence of Teacher Lu,Become precarious,In danger。
“He Bu,do not worry,Believe me is enough!I will make their lives better。”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Strode out of the teahouse。
Wei Xiaoxing, surrounded by the crowd, suddenly felt lighter,Must be god,I found myself being lifted in midair。
Father Mu lifted Wei Xiaoxing up again,Flew into the air,This combination of old and young,Successfully attracted everyone’s attention,This is truly eye-catching。
“The people of Red Willow City,Please listen to the old man。”Father Mu sighed softly in his heart,Finally still relying on the sound transmission by the ear,Say word by word。
Every word he said at the moment,It’s all secretly transmitted by someone,And he has no choice,Because that person has secretly controlled everything,Today’s situation,It was actually caused by that person alone。And more terrifying is,Mr. Mu didn’t think he was doing something wrong!
Maybe,The order in Hongliu City that has always been ruled by a powerful family,It’s time to change!
The changes in the past few days are so fast,But it doesn’t mean that Mr. Mu can’t think,He knows Mu’s shortcomings,As long as the great mage is dead,Not only can the Mu family not retain the status of the four major families,It will fall apart faster than those small families,Because this is a rule of the game。
And the appearance of Master Lu,Prying open a seam to the iron curtain shrouded in the head of the gods,Let wise people see a ray of light。
For this ray of light,Father Mu would rather bet on his remaining time,Even bet on the Mu clan,To fight for this great change in the era that dare to call the sun and the moon change the sky。
“The old man was attacked a few days ago,Self-defeating,Figured out some truth。I want to tell everyone today。”Mr. Mu said slowly。