“Thanks to David。”Fuld shrugged and said。

“Don’t look at David’s fat pig,No one is invited to see you on weekdays,But he still has a sense of justice。”
“He spares you that you are a rare investment talent,Don’t want to ruin your future,So I flatly rejected Sato Junji’s rude request。”
Qiao Tianyu is scared,Unexpectedly, it was David who saved himself!
“Sato Jun two sees nothing,Back-up plan,He made Linda forge my handwriting,Signed authorization document。”
“Then join forces with the Bank of Bahrain,Use huge trading funds to go crazy short Jonathan Copper,To put David and you to death,This is how the later war!”
“Linda forged your handwriting?”Qiao Tianyu asked in surprise。
“Yes。”Fuld nodded sadly,“Linda has been with me for more than ten years,She imitated my handwriting like a fake!”
“That’s it!”Qiao Tianyu nodded vigorously。
Fuld explained,Most of the problems are solved。
It turns out that the initiator of all this,It turned out to be Sato Junji!
And judging from Sato Junji’s fierce offensive,It is clear,The forces behind this world are not trying to control Qiao Tianyu,It’s going to kill Qiao Tianyu when he comes up!
But this is also good,Since the forces behind the scenes are eager to kill Qiao Tianyu,Then they will not be hidden,Can’t move。
As long as they are willing,Qiao Tianyu has the opportunity to find out their details,And then catch them all!
After Fuld’s explanation,Most of Qiao Tianyu’s questions have been answered,But there is one last question。
Since Fuld was not threatened by the forces behind the scenes three days ago,Qiao Tianyu who just gave up,What about other major investment banks and international banking groups?
Three days ago,They told Qiao Tianyu clearly,They abandoned Qiao Tianyu,Was arranged by their top leader。
“This.”Fuld lowered his head and thought for a while,“Could it be that Sato Junji made a ghost??”