Lu Menglin looked at this old face,I remember clearly before rebirth,Those news reports about him。

After my brother-in-law Du Shaoping buried the outspoken teacher Deng alive,Just this old thing,Personally take the workers the next day,Supervise workers using bulldozers and forklifts to fill in large mud pits in the playground,Bury Deng Ping’s wispy soul forever。
But this person can enjoy his old age,After retiring, he settled in the deep city,Singing,Lead a respectable old life everywhere。
“Du Shaoping has hired,Burying Teacher Deng alive is your idea!I’m giving you the stolen money from the project!”Lu Menglin said lightly,But this voice made everyone present clearly hear。
Principal Huang’s face suddenly became gloomy,He frowned,Staring at the boy in front of you,Seems to be judging the truth of what the other party said。
And those who came with Principal Huang,Then they showed quite playful expressions。
“Yes!Du Shaoping gave me the money!I will withdraw the money!”I didn’t expect Principal Huang to admit it in public,Didn’t mean to deny at all。
“and,When I drank last time,Also said something angry,I said Deng Ping doesn’t eat hard or soft things,If it’s anxious, I’m not welcome。”
Principal Huang’s second sentence,Actually also very frank,It is equivalent to indirectly admitting that Deng Ping was buried alive,He also has a share。
“but,I was angry then,I didn’t know Du Shaoping would really do it。He studies less,Bad brains,Did not educate him,It’s my responsibility。”Principal Huang’s words are somewhat sincere,It’s hard to doubt。
sound,He carried all the crimes on himself,Is this a confession??
Even Wang Xiaomei and Deng Jiajia behind Lu Menglin were stunned.,They faintly feel something is wrong,But I can’t tell where there is a problem。
Lu Menglin nodded,It seems to make sense。
“Thank god,Fortunately, Teacher Deng Ping is fine,Then this matter is much easier。This friend,Give Du Shaoping to the police!He should be punished for whatever crime!this is necessary!”Principal Huang said plausibly。
Good guy,Three or five words from this old man,I picked myself out and picked it very clean,But also make things smaller,Trivial,Trying to get Du Shaoping back。
And what he said seems to make sense,Since Teacher Deng is alive,Then the case did not happen,Or it’s not serious enough,So everything can follow the legal system。