Chengdu Xindu District completed the risk of risk census survey

As of October 26 this year, Chengdu Xinshu District took the lead in completing the family disaster reduction capacity of the regional risk census system. The new capital emergency system risk census survey stage fill the rate, quality inspection rate, and audit rates are 100%, and in time, the census data is reported, followed by provincial and municipal requirements and standards, and all work indicators are in the forefront of the city. On February 20 this year, the relevant notice was issued in the new capital, and the regional risk census leadership team confirmed the work requirements and job responsibilities of participants, and prepared the first national natural disaster comprehensive risk census in the new capital. Solutions and implementations. The Census Leading Group requested that all relevant units clearly referred to the disaster risk and hidden risks in the district, and identified key regions and disaster relief. Risk census is mainly divided into two works in work.

The industry is mainly through organizing industry departments, town (street), villages (communities) and filling the unit staff training, opening adjustment, progress, access archives, telephone query Q & A, sending letter, data quality inspection, computer-end data entry And the stamp data is organized, etc .; the maintenance work mainly includes the use of mobile app to conduct on-site fill in the unit space zoning editorial verification and positioning, unit information on-site verification, field advocacy, on-site guidance training. At the same time, members of the regional risk census leading group actively participated in the national risk census technical regulations for the national and Chengdu Census Office, grasping national requirements and standards, and correcting working ideas and methods in a timely manner, clarifying responsibility, division of labor, and The time node ensures that the census investigation is solid and orderly.

At present, the Xinzu District Census Office has completed 468 investigations, total collection data 11555, involving schools, medical institutions, public cultural places, A-level tourist scenic spots, etc .; completing 335 surveys of government disaster reduction capacity, total collection 5122 data, involving 9 government disaster management capabilities (involving 9 industries), government full-time and enterprise firefighting teams and 5 equipment, disaster relief materials reserves (points), 123 emergency refuge places, social organizations Ability of 5 disaster reduction capacity data and community (village) disaster reduction capacity data and community (village) disaster reduction ability; 1417 household disaster reduction capacity investigations involving 29 communities (villages), and completed 3,8070 filled data.

In terms of historical natural disasters, the 1981-2020 flood disasters, earthquakes, etc. in the national prefabricated new capital, the seismic disaster information, etc. The way, independently fills 713 surveys of historical disasters during the period of 1978 and 2020, including 130 general information, involving the drought, floods, typhoon, wind, low temperature frozen disasters, earthquakes, etc. 9269 . In terms of work in the work, 22 harvesting companies, 73 refueling stations, 123 emergency refuge sites, including data confirmation, geographic space graphics, and on-site, line, facing calibration, Relevant information on major hazardous sources in the region is verified.

Assist industry departments to lay out on field findings, including 20 schools, more than 20 hospitals, 5 commercial complexes.

In order to improve the risk management capabilities of the disaster in the disaster, the district generally combined with wind prevention and mitigation publicity work, through the interpretation of the household, hanging publicity banners, publicity manuals, postparts posters, etc. Citizens publicize earthquake, floods, heavy rains and other disasters and self-help mutual rescue basic knowledge, leading to the main methods of natural disasters, grasp emergency risk, and improve the risk of natural disasters.

The new capital risk census leadership team is required to actively create a good disaster prevention and mitigation atmosphere, innovate the national risk census investigation work in the new capital, popularize the promotion of national disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge and disaster relief skills, and create a good atmosphere of national participation, Improve residents’ disaster risk prevention awareness and ability.

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