The nuclear submarine hits a month, and the United States should give a statement.

US Navy Nuclear Submarine "Connecticut" hits unknown objects when he seas out in the South China Sea, and the submarine is damaged.

The United States has been covering covered in the past month, and there is no clear explanation to the world. Why does the US nuclear submarine collide in the sea from local? The US will send a nuclear submarine quietly sneak in the South China Sea. What tasks are to do? What happened this time? Why hit it? Whether it causes nuclear leaks to bring nuclear pollution to the ocean environment … The United States owes a description.

For a long time, the United States has "sailing and flying over the freedom" flag, frequently dispatched aircraft carrier, strategic bomber, nuclear submarine, etc., the weapon platform, showing off the force in the South China Sea, and hurts the waves. In just half a year of this year, the US has nearly 2000 times to China’s sea air, and there are nearly 2000 times to China’s large-scale maritime military exercises over 20 times.

These dangerous moves themselves in the risk of derailment, seriously threatening international route safety, this submarine accident is a alarm.

Nuclear submarines are damaged, and they must not be seen as "voyeurity" hit the head after the head, I can’t do it.

Previously, the US military deliberately concealed, and after 5 days of collision accident, I only published an unknown short statement, follow-up to continue to cover up.

Such a way of handling is a visual reflection of the lack of transparency in military information communication in the United States, further solidifying extreme irresponsible national images. South China Sea is part of the Guangyan Pacific, "Connecticut" nuclear submarine collision is a serious incident that threatens the safety of the entire region.

The US must conduct a thorough and open investigation, and take a statement to respond to the concerns and doubts of relevant regional countries and the international community.

The US nuclear submarine has hit the international ancents and justice. In recent month, the United States has spent the truth of hiding the submarine accident, but regardless of the beauty of the United States, the fact that the United States has always been unreliable, untrusted, is the largest risks of international nuclear safety. It is the biggest scourge source in the South China Sea and the largest destruction of world peace and regional safety.