Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。

Zhou Li scolded with a cold smile:“Xia Jian!Don’t pretend to be upright here。No one will gossip when you go out now?You better sit down,Otherwise, Zhou Li will go crazy,I’m afraid you haven’t seen it before”
Seeing Zhou Li look a little crazy,Xia Jian had to sit back again。In case this woman’s brain gets water,Yelling,Then he jumped into the Yellow River and couldn’t clean it。
Zhou Li saw that Xia Jian was suppressed by her,She just walked over gently,I don’t know where I brought a bottle of red wine,She also held two red wine glasses in one hand。
“Foreign goods,I heard the price is not low,Let’s chat,Drink two glasses”
“No need to,I can’t get used to this stuff,You still drink it alone!I can drink if I have alcohol”
Xia Jian rejected Zhou Li in a cold voice。In fact, over the past few years,He slowly accepted the wine,On some occasions,He can still drink a few drinks。
Zhou Li has no Li Xia Jian,But put the red wine glass on the coffee table,Then open the wine bottle,Pour a little into two cups separately。
“Drink it!If you really can’t drink,Then I’ll let someone get a bottle of white wine,You drink white,How about i drink red with you?”
Zhou Li smiles at Xia Jian, who is so charming,Push the glass with red wine in front of him。Xia Jian hesitated,But still served。He understands Zhou Li’s character,She is a master who does what she says。In case the whole bottle comes up white,Wouldn’t he be worse。
“Ok!Then I will drink less,It’s ten thirty now,Eleven o’clock at the latest,I have to leave here”
Xia Jian said,Raised the red wine glass and took a sip。But to be honest,This red wine tastes really good。All these years,He also knows a little about red wine。
Zhou Li looked at Xia Jian,Suddenly burst into laughter:“Xia Jian!You just pretend in front of me!These years,You still drink less of this red wine?Woman you still sleep less?”
“Zhou Li!If you want to talk like this,Then we really have nothing to talk about”
Xia Jian said,Stand up again。
Zhou Li rushed over,She pushed Xia Jian back。She choked up and said:“Xia Jian!I didn’t expect you to be so ruthless,Anyway,We also had a happy time,Did you forget?”
“I forgot,But you changed。What do you mean by what you have done all these years?You are playing with fire!do you know?”