Secretary Wang said with a smile:“stop looking,I don’t know what happened again,She drove away without even saying hello。Seems to be summoned by the mayor again!“When Secretary Wang said this,,A weird smile on his face。

Mayor Chen Jiang’s office,Ma Xiaofeng sitting on the sofa,Her face is also very ugly。And Chen Jiang is also angry,He lowered his voice and said:“Mayor Ma!I stand against the crowd,Transferred you to the most promising town of Pingyang,I didn’t expect your ability to do things really made me doubt“
“Mayor Chen!I just do not understand。This project of Zhangyang Village is a good project recognized by everyone,You got stuck here on the approval,The next five million loan,I can’t approve it when I get to the market。Xia Jian now raises his own funds,Set up this flower planting base,I don’t know why you are still upset?“Ma Xiaofeng gathers courage,Speak her heart。
Chen Jiangyi listen,Slammed the table and roared:“Ma Xiaofeng!Are you so savvy?All right,This thing ends here,But what I want to tell you is that the loan has nothing to do with me。Go back and be your mayor!“
Chen Jiang finished,Turned his face aside。The sigh of breath in his heart hasn’t finished,But Ma Xiaofeng pretended to be deaf and stupid,I’m not one with him anymore。
Ma Xiaofeng from the city government,The whole person looks listless。She doesn’t understand,Such a good project in Zhangyang Village,Why did Chen Jiang do this??Is it because his brother and Xia Jian have a holiday,He is going to burn the flames of war on the people?This person’s mind is too small。
When Ma Xiaofeng worked in the township government,Always average staff。A chance,She met Chen Jiang,Since,She was promoted very quickly。From Deputy Mayor,To the mayor,Was transferred to Pingyang Town。This is something ordinary people can’t do。
Ma Xiaofeng is not a fool,So she worked hard with Chen Jiang,What did she do?,She always tried to obey。But when she got in touch with Xia Jian,She felt that the justice of Xia Jian,Often shame her。
Contest many times,She was convinced to lose。Especially her husband ran to Pingyang Town to make trouble,Xia Jian not only did not stand by,But to help,This made her thank Xia Jian from the bottom of her heart。
But Chen Jiang refused to let Xia Jian do something in Pingyang Town,He face to face,Set behind,I wish Xia Jian made a big somersault on the Zhangyang Village project。But his wishful thinking was wrong,Save more than 5 million interest-free loans,I got stuck when I got to Chen Jiang。
Ma Xiaofeng was for this,I even had a red face with Chen Jiang,Where did their relationship start,There is a crack。What annoyed Chen Jiang,Even if the five million loan is blocked by him,But Xia Jian made another five million from other places,And also held a ribbon cutting ceremony。
When Chen Jiang heard that he went to many journalists,Blame him for not getting angry,So I immediately called Ma Xiaofeng back,He wanted to use this,Give Ma Xiaofeng a good reprimand,So she can stand in line,But Ma Xiaofeng’s performance disappointed him。
Standing on the side of the road,Ma Xiaofeng glanced back at the municipal government building,She said silently in her heart“Ma Xiaofeng!I’m afraid you will never come to this place again“
Early next morning,Xia Jian, who was sleeping in bed, was quarreled by footsteps,Just listen to my father Xia Zecheng shouting in the yard:“Get up soon!You bastard in the newspaper,Or provincial newspaper“
Actually, I don’t need my dad to come and tell him,Xia Jian knows too。So many reporters came to interview yesterday,No matter what,There should always be a small headline report!
Get dressed and walk out of the room,Xia Jian saw that his father was standing at the door waiting for him with a newspaper。He took the newspaper a little guilty and asked while reading it:“Who gave you this newspaper?”
“Who else?Zhao Hongbai!“Xia Zecheng gave the newspaper to Xia Jian,And then the little jogger left。He should go to his canteen again。