at《Game time》The second day of the new issue,Many mainstream media have reprinted this article on the watch,And this matter has caused a lot of discussion in the media circle。

Media and media reporters,Should we report anything that has nothing to do with the direction of this journal,But content that has the media’s realistic spirit。About this topic,More and more media and media people are involved,The influence is also growing,Can be called an industry storm。
of course,This is something that even the initiator Lu Menglin did not expect。
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Two Stay out
Wake up,Xu Kaishan looked at the young girl who was still sleeping beside him,I can’t help but think back to when I was young,I’m still old after all!Deal with these young women,It’s getting harder。
I don’t know how that Korean woman would feel in bed!It’s a pity that she was taken by that one,It’s probably not a turn to get involved。Xu Kaishan shook his head,Throw all these unrealistic ideas out of your mind。
The universe is set!Xu Kaishan felt somewhat uninterested,Getting older,Life is getting easier and easier。
at this time,The phone rang on his bedside。
Xu Kaishan presses the phone,Rough voice:“Hey!”
“Xu Ye,Something bad!”The voice of Cheng Yu, the second person of Jinshan Group, came from the phone。
“That was double-regulated by the Commission for Discipline Inspection!Some media broke the news about his watch,Just taken away by the Commission for Discipline Inspection this morning。”Cheng Yu said anxiously。
“what?Watch?What does this have to do with the watch?”Xu Kaishan didn’t understand it for a while,Asked rhetorically。
“The watch he brought is worth several million!Photographed by the media broke the news,The Commission for Discipline Inspection will definitely check the source of his property。We will also have trouble!”Cheng Yu explained。
“How could there be such a thing!Find someone!I’ll call someone to help!You immediately organize a meeting。emergency meeting!and also,Ask the finance side to fix the accounts,Don’t leave a handle。”Xu Kaishan eagerly said。
“it is good!I will convene all high-level meetings now。See you at the company at ten。”Cheng Yu said quickly。
Xu Kaishan hung up the phone,Never mind to stay in bed anymore,But immediately dialed a number。