A man did not wear a mask in Dalian, the police:

Extreme Journalist Ma Haoran November 12 A video that has not been wearing a mask man pushing the police, triggeting netizens hot discussion.

The extreme news reporter learned that the police have been intervened in the jurisdiction of the incident, and the cause is under investigation, and it will be treated according to the specific situation.

The video shot of netizens showed that there was a "big white" who wrote two words behind the protective clothing. There was a good intersection of the road near the community. He did not wear a mask man. Why did you know why? on the ground. Extreme Journalists noticed that men were more excited during this period and asked to call 120. Ms. Zhang, the resident of Xinhua Community, said that due to the serious epidemic in the local area, the community has been controlled. All residents have to scan the code and wear masks, and they can be travelable after the body temperature.

But the man did not wear a mask, although I don’t know why, but I have something to say, and I should not be able to use my hand. The video triggered the hot discussion, everyone said: "Do not wear a mask and put the police, must find out the reason" "Why don’t you wear a mask, you are not afraid?" Torp. "

On November 13, the staff of the Zhenghe City Public Security Bureau told the extreme news reporter, on the 12th, there were police officers to be inhabited by the residents, and the police have been involved in the incident, and the specific cause of things is investigating. Process will be made according to the specific situation.