“Yongyun Group!”

Old Jia replied。
He investigated,This company is indeed a pharmaceutical company under the Yongyun Group。
“This kid,Some skill……Let him save Mr. Hu last time,Just meet Hu Yongchang!”Xu Zhilin said coldly。
“so what to do now?”
Lao Jia has no idea。
Fang Yu,Do you still have to deal with it??
First24chapter You have to follow the rules!
“This is our latest biotech drug……Can improve people’s immunity well。As long as Ms. Jiang takes this medicine,Guaranteed no problem!”
Dongyu Private Hospital。
Max,Holding a medicine and introducing them。
After analysis by Max,The reason why Jiang Wan’er is like this,I have a problem with immunity。As long as the immunity is greatly improved,Can return to normal。
“Mr. Michaels……How long will i take this medicine?”
Jiang Wan’er looked at Michaels,Muttered。
She now,Has become weaker!
“Depends on the individual’s physical condition……At least three months!”
Max looked at the report,Sure way。
If Jiang Wan’er doesn’t get better in three months,,Then there is really no way。
“Three months?”