The big formation under the blessing of the Holy Fire is many times stronger than before,And once the counterattack is activated,With the power of torch attack,Even sharper,The most important thing is,Whether it is normal operation,Still launch a counterattack,The spiritual power to be consumed is much less than before the Holy Fire blessing,This is undoubtedly great news for the Five Elements Island in trouble。

I’m secretly smacking my tongue after a short estimate from the cloud,The spirit stone that barely lasted for a month,Calculate according to new consumption,Has been exaggeratedly expanded to a year or more,As long as the holy flame does not cease,The effect of this blessing always exists,He knows,The two fireballs sent by him and the elders only supplement the lack of attributes,Just icing on the cake,It is precisely the three holy flames sacrificed by the teenagers that really play the role of pillars。
More than Liyun,Everyone once again looked at the boy’s eyes full of various complex emotions,doubt、Horrified、Surprise、In awe and so on,Even unabashed hatred and hatred,These uncoordinated eyes are mixed in the crowd,Just a short while,Disappeared。
But almost everyone thinks,It is because of the smooth holding of the sitting ceremony,The boy was very lucky to be recognized by the Hall of Five Elements,And this greedy young man may have absorbed the power accumulated in the hall for tens of thousands of years.,Otherwise, how could there be three sacred flames in his hand??
To put it bluntly,The teenager is just a lucky one,A mortal being caught,Itself a miracle,Encounter with Love Again,Lucky enough to explode,It’s a pity that none of the thousands of sages on the Five Elements Island can be so lucky,Even Lihuo doesn’t compare to it。
Everyone has mixed feelings,Today blessed the defense formation,This youth merit,But not infinite,Capable,I did not cultivate it myself,This move is more to reveal the ability and authority of the new palace owner。
I don’t care what everyone thinks,The teenager is now focusing on stimulating the holy fire,Strive to drive all the remains of the main hall to participate in a certain regular rotation,Looks very strenuous,But he keeps insisting,One third of the wreck lies in place,No one knows the role of the wreck,Only young people understand。
The boy inherited the earth fire and fire spirit one after another、All the spiritual power of the Holy Spirit of the Five Elements Temple、Memory and wisdom,Before leaving, the Holy Spirit handed over the three holy flames that had been preserved for many years to the teenager.,Plus the ground fire he already has,Only lack of sky fire,This is also the reason why the Holy Fire Temple has never been restored,The Holy Spirit repeatedly warned the young,Less than last resort,The four sacred flames cannot be fired,Otherwise there will be a disaster。
and so,The young man also kept a kind of rootless fire,Otherwise, the blessing of the big formation will be even more terrifying。
It’s a pity that young people haven’t systematically studied divine power,I don’t even know the spiritual power transfer method of getting started,Just communicate with the earth fire fire spirit、I learned a little bit in the quarrel,Combined with their chaotic memories,Can barely maintain the output of spiritual power,His qi sea dantian is like a vast lake with smoke,But the only channel for releasing water is a tube as thick as the mouth of the bowl。
Puff,The boy is already sitting on the ground,The left and right hands are always in touch with the three flames,After body quenching,These methods have no obstacles,The difficulty lies in the lack of spiritual support。
“I will help you!”Stop drinking,Wu Ju squeezed out of the crowd,He sees that the young man is weak,I have to help,Not only him,Many people can see。
My torch is not close to the teenager,Then there was a figure obliquely stopping him,It’s the elder of Hou Tu Temple,This person rushed to me with a smile,“If on spiritual power cultivation,You seem to be worse。”
“How are you?”I’m a rough one,Straightforward temperament,On weekdays, Huo Tianzun and Uncle Qiu are very caring for him,So the concept of hierarchy is very vague,Talking to Liyun is carefree,Not to mention the elders?And he doesn’t feel cold about the behavior of the elders of the Houtu Hall,Was suddenly blocked,Naturally unhappy。
“Help。”The elders of the Houtu Temple are not angry,Take two steps while responding,With both palms, you have to pat the boy’s heart。
A muffled bang,Another figure rushed out,Is also facing each other,Happened to stop the elder of the Houtu Hall,The person here is the elder of Yi Shui Hall,Both sides are equal,Under infuriating,The two took three steps to stabilize their figures。