“Became!”Face‘pale’The world beast Mohe sneered,But didn’t hunt down。

Cast the Sixth Law of the Beast,The consumption to him is also great,Now he doesn’t have much energy left in his main battle deity,Even a Tier 6 world beast can’t completely suppress。
Naturally not effective,He intends to dissipate this deity directly,Then other clones absorb energy。
After all, if you kill the Infinite Hall Master,Those enslaved world beasts naturally fall beasts,He can directly become the Beast King。
Even if you didn’t directly kill the Infinite Hall Master,His attack power can also tear a crack in the Void True God armor,As long as the ultimate light of destruction penetrates,Can continue to expand the damage in a long time—Until fall。
of course,Infinite Palace Lord can also suppress damage by transforming into a world beast form—The issue is,The infinite hall master in the form of a world beast is weaker,It is equivalent to transforming into the self before the seventh step under the operation of the rules。
As for the Infinite Palace Master completely blocked this blow—He is going to run,But he doesn’t believe in this possibility!
But then,Smile on the face。
Chapter Forty-Five The birth of the Beast King
The world beast Mohe wants to dissipate the deity,But found myself not only unable to dissipate,Even countless clones dissipated under the guidance of some kind of force。
of course,The energy dissipated by the clone is all concentrated in the body,It made him recover about 30% of his strength。
“The sixth iron is at work,I must kill the world beasts of the primitive universe!The Lord of Infinite Palace did not directly fall?”
“wrong,The Lord of Infinite Palace did not bring the Beast in his most precious palace.,Otherwise I must have sensed it before!”
“what is the problem!”The world beast Mohe has a hideous face,Look back,What he saw made its heart sink。