“I don’t know if this guy did his homework before crossing?Still the fact is,Anyway, the first emperor Yingzheng Longyan Joye,There are still so many territories in the world waiting for him to conquer the Great Qin Empire,Can Emperor Yingzheng be unhappy??Then the Great Qin Empire began to prepare to continue the war。”

“As a result, Emperor Yingzheng curiously asked how many generations the Great Qin Empire passed down.?Are there any changes in the Great Qin Empire thousands of years later??This guy bluntly said that the second generation died,Then directly explained how the Great Qin Empire died。”
“Liu Bang,Xiang Yu,And Chen Sheng,Wu Guangcheng is wanted,And then be directly beheaded,As for the survivors of the Six Kingdoms who were originally set aside by the First Emperor Yingzheng, they are also implicated.,Was directly assigned to make a living outside the Great Wall。”
“And Zhao Gao,Was beaten to death directly above the court,As for Hu Hai,Although not dead,But it’s probably enough to live a few years,The eldest son Fusu was established as the prince of the Great Qin Empire。”
Li Qing remembered the fellow traveler I saw yesterday,Qin Shihuang Yingzheng does not know how many generations of descendants,Said with a smile,His daily fun is to listen to these strange traversers telling their legendary experiences。
He always thought,The first emperor Yingzheng is Mingjun,Destroy the Six Nations,Book with text,Car on track,Unified text,Unified measurement,I also think that the fellow traveler did the right thing。
At least a map of the world,Let everyone know that there is so much land outside the Central Plains,Those ambitious heroes will not work hard for the land of Kyushu, Central Plains.。
If according to history,Li Qing remembered that the other side of the mainland seemed to be the period when Alexander was invincible.,Li Qing is very curious how long Alexander can resist the Great Qin Empire?
“Qin Shihuang Yingzheng?That fellow is quite good at playing。”
Jingtian heard Li Qing, the lord of the taverns in front of him, said that the starting emperor Yingzheng,Said quietly,It seems that the world that the foreigner visits is mostly a parallel world,I don’t know what Yingzheng members will look like when they know this。
“Who said no,Qin Shihuang’s Yingzheng ended the troubled times of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period,Unified the overlord of the Central Plains,It’s a pity that this fellow stayed in that world for a short time,Before the Great Qin Empire set off,This fellow left that world。”
“Then after coming to the tavern of the heavens,Tell us about his legendary experience,It’s a pity that I can’t travel to other worlds like those fellow travellers,Otherwise, I will directly report the thigh to Tang Taizong Li Shimin。”