Old man Wang nodded:“This thing was originally made by Lihong,Since he told you to play before he left,That’s yours,What’s the problem?”

Ok!The boss here says so,Hu Yang is also welcome。
“master,Help me cut a few,How much does it cost?”Hu Yang asked。
The master of Jie Shi said at will:“Then just give one。”
No one expects,Such a piece of material can also solve jade,That is to play with the young man Populus,Let him do everything。
Of course,This is also to give Xin Zhao face。This young man,After all, Xin Zhao brought it。
Populus drew a one hundred yuan,Hand it over:“In trouble,Help me cut it from here and see。”
The master Jie Shi stuffed the money into his pocket,Start work right away。
in fact,Stone cutting is also a science,Not simply cut it off,Is particular,Like Populus,Just guide,It makes people feel like a rookie。
What we want to cut is not an ordinary stone,But a precious rough stone wrapped in jade,The cutting method has a crucial influence on its value。
so,Before cutting,First, we must carefully analyze the jade rough stone,Minimize damage to the internal jade during the cutting process,So as to maximize the value of jadeite rough。
Professional master,According to the specific condition of the original stone,First understand the structure of rough,Roughly guess the possible distribution and trend of jadeite inside,Draw some lines,Then cut along the line、Microdermabrasion, etc.。
First cut,is the most important。
After the first cut,It is necessary to have a general understanding of the overall situation of the jadeite rough,Flaws in all aspects、The crack has an analytical profile,To determine the subsequent cutting direction。
After the slicing is complete,The rough stone needs to be reviewed again,It is necessary to understand the green distribution of rough stones,And find the worst part of it,Start from this part,Avoid damaging the high-quality parts of the rough stone。
in fact,No cut,Reanalyze the rough stone。
and so,Cutting stone is also an art,Is technical。Their business,Ordinary salary is not low,Well done,Not even worse than those who are general managers in large companies。
Xin Zhao and others looked at Populus“mess”,Didn’t stop。
Young man!Make him make a mistake,Let him try the taste of failure,Definitely a good thing。