Save electricity electricity electricity

Original title: Saving electricity and electricity consumption electricity saving electricity, from me.

On September 30th, Anhui Energy Bureau, Guo Net Anhui Electric Power Co., Ltd. issued an initiative, advocated the joint action of the whole society, and wanted to save electricity. The unit unit took the lead in power saving, striving to demonstrate. Take advantage of natural ventilation, reduce air conditioning opening time; strict control of office building decoration landscape lighting, reasonable use of lighting fixtures; go out to turn off the electric light, cut off the office equipment power supply, eliminate white lights, Changming lights, unmanned lights; office space 3 floors and below Stop using the elevator.

  Industrial enterprises have a scientific electricity.

Scientifically arrange production shifts, through the wrong peak production, avoidance of the peak to make electricity, transfer operation, stop wheel], to support the power supply pressure of the electricity peak period; avoid equipment airborne operation, do not start high-energy energy equipment, standardized Air conditioning, lighting and other electrical equipment, reduce non-production, non-essential electricity.

  Shopping, hotel, office buildings, etc. Consolidate use or deactivate high-power electrical equipment and non-necessary lighting, shortening advertising lamps, landscape lighting time, and actively promote employee savings. Electrical consciousness, achieve public area such as corridors, corridors, etc. "follow". Each community property, attractions, street lights, and use it in a halving manner as much as possible.

Encourage the majority of residents to use natural light at home, less open long light, try to use high efficiency, low energy appliance; reasonably set air conditioning temperature, reduce air-conditioning time and frequency; do not use electrical appliances to completely turn off the power, reduce the power consumption; electric cars, The battery car should avoid the peak time period of the grid load, and use the night load trough. (Reporter Wang Hongyi) (Editor: Su Heng, Li Vang) Sharing let more people see.