“call,Ghost,I finally put me out.。”

The fans of the flag wrought around Han Jiang.,Then I looked at the scenery below the cliff like him.:“Is this the owner you said??”
Chapter 186 Hard to do it.
“no。”Han Jiang shook his head。
The flag of the flag falls from the air.,Sitting around Hanjiang,The little hand holds the cheese and says it.:“Actually not。”
“Why don’t you collect this world??”Fans and wings。
Han Jiang referred to the distance:“From the girl in the room,This world has only a nearby water,The rest has been collapsed。”
“So I http://www.zolcorp.cn want to collect information,Maybe you can’t walk far。”
“What is the specific situation?,Waiting for the girl to ask.。”
One person is armed, and I have been waiting for half an hour on the cliff.,The girl is grateful from the room.。
“You are really not the arms of the inflammation.?”The girl is still someone who is not trust to Hanjiang.。
Han Jiang sighed,Standing up and turning out a hand:“My name is Hanjiang,From elsewhere,First of all, thank you for saving me back.。”
The girl holds Hanjiang’s hand.:“Cheng Lixue。”
These three words are like a sunny day to ring in Hanjiang Ear.,Is Cheng Li Xue who did not die when he was in the second crash??
wrong,At that time, the warfare law was saved.。
Later, in order to let the Fuhua safety retreat,This is war。
Han Jiang swayed his head,The same name is a lot of things,Maybe I have heard it wrong or not。
So Han Jiang asked again:“what’s your name?”
Cheng Li, I looked at Hanjiang.,Reply:“Shenzhou Taifu Mountain,Currently, the highest steady commander,Cheng Lixue!”
This time this time,Cheng Li Xue plus his own official position。
Hanjiang deep breath,According to his memory,When the Snow Wolf team, the rain wandered in the world of the quantum.。
It’s still when you are in the family.,To Cheng Lixue here,How to be destroyed in the world?
Is this world formed according to Cheng Lixue’s heart?
Parallel world,Be unfortunate,What happens?。
Maybe it’s so good to come to the snow.。
“The highest steady commander?”Han Jiang’s question。
Cheng Li Snow Station straight,road:“Below!”
“That day is the bishop??”Han Jiang continued to ask。
“bishop?”Cheng Li Snow God,Ask:“How do you know that the bishop?”
“Treatment is the number of forces in the world,On the battle against collapse,I can often see the figure of the fate of the gods of the gods.,I can know this.?”
“The crash in the world is in the collapse of two years ago.,For the legal of heavy inflammation,Died。”Cheng Li Snow Eye God said。
“Do you really come from the city??”Hanjiang, who started to see, is true.。
The sudden news is so significant,As long as it is a living person,I am almost impossible to know。
http://www.ykrtwl.cn Even if I don’t know,Under the erosion of later collapse,Human territory is lost,Human is concentrated in a limited range near Taiguishan,The news is also transmitted.。
“Be right,My hometown is the city,But I am from the Tempse of the Plus Distribution,Santa Feria School。”