Li Huihe listened to the words of these people,It is also a cold eye.。

“Humph,Is it only possible to hit me? I don’t want to hit you.?”
“Still say that only your child will kill,Don’t let others kill your children?
What logic is you all??
This Chinese is your home.?”
“This is a crime and the people of the people in the past.,Your child is more powerful than the emperor?”
“What is your face??”
Faced with Li Hui’s back。
Several parents can’t help but want to continue,But it is pulled by another few.。
They can see that Li Hui is not afraid of them.。
“What are you around you??
You are less in this dog.。”
One of the women who have just been crying is still crying.,I saw a group of men shocked.,I don’t cry this time.,Directly, it is 怼 李 随 风。
Li Hui also didn’t think that the other party said that he didn’t cry.。
At a time, he wrote that the other party is really heartbreaking.,Still crying for money。
Snapped Li Hui’s two words did not say,Directly is a slap in the face。
Because I thought of the lack of things that children did last night.,He feels that these parents are accused.。
Even this time Li Hui Feng felt that the law of the ancient Chinese people is not wrong.。
At least will reduce crime chances。
If these children kill people cannot be sentenced to death because of the cause of the law,But the strain is connected to my parents,So, these children’s parents will not deal with children.。
“How do you still play??”
“Hey-hey,If you want to talk nonsense,Even you play together。”
The ninth eighty-nine chapters need to help?
Li Hui said that this time the eyes of the eyes broke out.,Let a few parents feel cold in the back of the ridge。
“Police comrades,This is playing people.,This is playing people.!”
Faced with the wind,The other party directly called the police。
At this time, several policemen are maintaining the scene.,Strive to persuade these parents going back。
They all came in a morning.,Deeply know how difficult these parents,Now people have educated their hearts, they are also clapping.。
But my face didn’t see anything.。
The most important thing is that they know Li Hui’s,Also know that Li Hui’s relationship with Song Ting,At this time they are too lazy to manage these things。
After all, several parents do have some excessive.。
“You don’t want to make trouble.,Tell people are things that we have seen.,You first got a teacher,Then appear behind the situation,If it is really tuned,You are calm down.。”
See the police intervene,Li Anti-style is also directly no longer taking these idle things.。
Shiyang Tian saw that the group of people came crazy and began to noise.,The feeling of frustration in my heart。
At this moment, he even wanted to resign and worried.,Out of sight out of mind。
“thanks,Just now, if you may be squatted by them.。”
Shiyang looked at Li with the wind,I always feel some of them。
But I can’t think of it.。
“Hey-hey,fine,These parents are actually poor and hateful,Standing on my outsider,The few children died.,Of course, you may not know what their children have done.,If you know,I feel that the people of the country will hope that these children die.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Shi Yangtian directly held Li Hui’s hand:“Little brother,I can’t see you, you have the right idea.,I know the situation of those children.,I also know the lack of defective things.,But these are all pressed by schools.,After all, the school,It’s all money to earn children.,Really responsible,It’s really getting less and less.。”