Xuanci look at the clothes,It is also confused in the eyes……

When he is young,Young,It is indeed a lot of sinners.,But……Can hate him to this extent,There should be no too much.?Especially the martial arts of this person……
And the monk is full of emotional looks at Qiaofeng.,God……Some faces。
“I am with his hatred?Row、Row,How can I?It was that he killed my wife.,Make my child,Cannot gather with me……”
I heard the monks say this.,Everyone is talking about——Originally, someone accuses Xuanci,Everyone may not believe,But now ten eight nine,Will Xuan Chi as a despicable villain。
Qiao Feng listened to him,Some sympathy,Do not know why,I always feel that he looks at his eyes.……Very quirky!
“Mysterious!You said that I said that I have to steal less Lin martial arts.,Dozens of masters in Joint China,Kill my wife who will not martial arts……You have done me.!it is good!Then I love Xinjue Luo Yuanshan,Do not do,Two nonsense!
You are married to me.,I will give you a look.。These thirties,The old man hides in the Shaolin Temple,Borrow your martial arts!Shaolin Temple’s monk,You have the ability to kill the old man.,Otherwise, Shaolin Marthen not only has to flow into my big clear.,And it is necessary to have a part of the rivers and lakes.!
Now, I have already south.,You are just off,Be no longer!Hahaha……You are not worried,Hydrotest dog,Be learned,In the future violations of the Central Plains??Now how?Hahaha……”Bring away from Yuanshan,I will laugh myself to go back.。
Factual prove,All in the south,And there is no Shaolin martial art,It’s really true!
Qiaofeng heard it is already stunned.,Look at this 衣 人:“you、you say……You are……”
Yuanshan took a mask and threw away,I saw him six or seventeen years old.,Spirit Glory is full of dust,Seeing the appearance and Qiao Feng is five or six points。
“You are……I am?You are still alive?”Qiaofeng will go up,Confirmation with the old man。
Chu Deirers secretly sigh,These two pairs of fathers are still recognized,the other side……
In view of this side is too lively,Effectively attract everyone’s attention,Duan Zhengqi finally barely returned to the crowd,At this time, I faced the ridicule and ironic of Li Qingluo.,I have to laugh.。
Duan Yu……
At this time, I have already stood around the sister.,Separate early and he。
“My martial arts,Also Han people teach,Vow to hurt Han people,But you have witnessed your mother by these Central Plains.、Murdered in the carriage,I am already angry.,Halves who will be in the field,I’m going back to God.,Don’t mention it、Jumping directly from the cliff……
Who knows that the sky is not taught me?!An old tree hungs me,After raising the injury,No longer find dead for your father,But hiding less!Peak,You said this enemy,We are not reported?”
“Kill,Do not share the sky!What’s more, I am killing my mother.,It can also be said to be a man.,Can also cover the crime,Kill the master of Zhiguang and my teacher,It is a heart……”
And Xuci heard the other party’s complaint,Also finally understand,Where is this retribution?,However, I said to Qiao Feng.,Handicapped:“Amitabha,In the past,Indeed, the old guilty should be,today……Two must kill,As you wish,However, the master of Zhiguang and the mysterious brother,Never harm。”
Old mountain is not yet,Tangible:“Hahaha,Baby, you are wrong.,Single father and son,Refers to say the behind-the-scenes,Still placing you,For the father to visit them、A fire is burn Single Villa。
Smart light old bald,It was scared by me.,I will drink myself.,This is only in front of you.,As for mysterious baldness……I don’t know why people killed.,But this lesslin,Know the things of the year,I am afraid that the number of hands is not,Just a one, I don’t know,Founded is a bandit,Why is it necessary??”
Chu Deirers wanted at this time,Suddenly understanding that mysterious is not dying from the distance of the mountain——After all, the situation is different from the original,Qiaofeng is the most wolf,Chu Deiren pointing,Dragonfly,When you have a little forest,He still can’t catch back in the north.,Therefore, the mysterious thing is not dead at the time.。
After Juxianzhuang Heroes Conference,Mysteriousness is killing people,Shaolin Lord Questioning Qiaofeng。
And the original Chu deer thought or also a far away old man,But now it seems not to——Think about it,If it is what he did,That’s more, I have to go to the Qiao couple.……
But just as he said,In an rationale,It is also impossible to be a lot of money.,Rate……
Chu Deirers asked when this:“Mysterious masters can die from their own stunt?”
The mystery of the Still Soon:“no!Mysterious brothers are long,But it was killed by it.。”
Ok,Chu Deirers thought it was Murongbo?……
However, at this time, he became more and more hidden, and he looked at Chu Tai and Nan Muro.——Sure enough, these two face!Chu Tai Year is not,Forcibly……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Seventh 183th chapter Habit
Sludious、When Xuan is difficult to go to Chu Deirers,Mysterious is still alive,Later, Chu Deirers saved Murong, who went to the magic.、Prepare when you go to Fuzhou to meet Xiaolin,I heard that my mysterious is dead.、Shaolin suspects Qiao Feng’s news。
But just doubt,Because the Shaolin has been lucky、Sustained very wolf in the public opinion of the rivers and lakes,So don’t do anything。
To say this is still a good luck——Once you have already want to hide,Never want to be discovered、There is still a person in this person.,Listen to Qiao Feng、Chu Deirers and Shaolin confront this matter,After listening to the detailed dangers of mysteriousness,Duan Zhengqi once again……
“Mysterious master is less than half a month,I saw it in Xiaoshu Lake.……kindness,Peak,After the peak and A Zhu accompany me in the small mirror lake for ten days.,In the first few days, Chu Deirers were also!”Duan Zhengqi directly cracked this。
If this is the Chu Deirers,I am afraid that I don’t believe it.。
However, Duan Zhengxi said,Whether it is the reputation of Dali、Or the identity of Nanwang, Dali Town,At this time, no one is questioned.。
Who doesn’t know,Former Song exile forces Mu Wangfu,It is Dali dark funding,What is the motive of Zhennan?,Go to Qiaofeng to do a perfection……