That is in the heaven,A canyon called Fengshen Valley。

The vast vortex of chaos descends,The divine body of an ancestor god is constantly changing。
Three Realms,Three eyes were cast here, including Li Ming。
“Wind Demon,congratulations!”Sanqing chaotic fairy expresses congratulation。
“My Three Realms also gave birth to the fourth world power。”Sui Ren’s heartfelt blessings。
“And break through the refining air flow and the gods and demon refining body flow in one breath,It seems that your accumulation is very solid!”Li Ming is also smiling and transmitting。
Three Realms,The Lord of Wind Demon Steps into the World!Become the fourth world power of the Three Realms,Also the second world god—Sanqing Chaos Immortal has not yet cultivated the ancestral god body to perfection。
And Li Ming can predict,In the next hundreds of millions of years,I am afraid that the world of the birth of the Three Realms will soon exceed ten!
Whether it is these fairy demon standing at the top,Or the development of Samsara Palace,Will usher in the best era。
“Brother Wuzhen,Come,have a drink!”In the colorful bird palace of the Thousand Saints,A woman in a gorgeous feather coat,With a smile on his face, he pulled a seemingly dull man to drink。
Of a thousand saints‘Chaos Fairy’Hosted a banquet to entertain the life and death friends she met outside。
As a top big sect disciple presided over by the emperor,The status of Caique Chaos Immortal is quite high in the sect,Is among the top 100 practitioners in the world of Thousand Sages,It is even more promising。
In her palace,There are also a large number of followers of ancestor gods,All beautiful women,More commensurate with sisters。
She has a banquet,These many sisters naturally accompany。
And the god of the world,Is a famous lone world god,But a bit dull,Caique Chaos Fairy likes to tease this friend。