In fact, he still doesn’t know much about the difference between the antique shop and the pawn shop he used to work.。

The business of the pawn shop is naturally more lively,After all, most people have time when money is tight,As for antiques,This is similar to a coffin shop。
Not open for three years,Open for three years。
Like the Xuande furnace he picked up yesterday,Made more than six million in one go,It’s really enough for three years。
of course,There are so many opportunities and the probability is similar to the rehearsal。
Antique shop anyway,Especially the new opening of Chen Xiu,Poor business is the norm when the industry is still unpopular and famous。
Can’t sit still in the shop,Chen Xiu directly gave the key to the store to Song Shi and Fang Qiong,Let them close the shop at night,I’m back to the rental house。
I was a bit sleepy watching the live broadcast too late last night。
When I walked to the corridor on the third floor, I saw my room door open,Rush in and take a look,I saw a wolf in my room,Suitcase winter clothes、The quilt was turned over,The mattress was also turned over,The cardboard boxes in the bathroom were turned over。
“my God,What a dumb thief is this……Knowing this is the village in the city, he came here to steal something,Visitors in the whole building are stolen by you without much money,I deserve to be a thief all my life。”
Chen Xiu doesn’t have any valuables in his rental house,The most valuable is the air conditioner that I don’t know how many hands。
obviously,The stupid thief is not interested in his own air conditioner。
“what happened,Thief。”
At this time, a middle-aged woman also flashed in outside the door,Round face,Round bucket waist,Except for the curls on the head,That image is exactly the same as the chartered wife in the Star Master movie。
of course,She is really a charter wife。
“Yes,I didn’t expect that I would still be patronized by thieves。”Chen Xiu said helplessly with the chartered wife。
The charter lady looked at Chen Xiu in confusion and then at the lock of the opposite door.,Then he frowned and said:“Xiao Chen,I also made you owe two weeks of rent because you are a college student……Don’t think you’re acting and directing yourself as a thief,I don’t have to pay this month’s rent。”
“Self-directed?”Chen Xiu’s confusion。
“You still pretend,If it wasn’t for you to act and direct,That stupid thief would leave someone else’s house not to steal,I just stole your bachelor’s room。”
This is really the confusion in Chen Xiu’s heart,Facing the question of the charterer, he couldn’t refute it。