He doesn’t want to die with that asshole,So I can only fly back,Would rather retreat into the red moon spider group,I don’t want to get another one。

Chapter One Thousand and One oath
“I,Am i so strong now?”Tu Shanming shouted with excitement。
He is indeed qualified to have this illusion,Because he really had a match with the 42nd-level warrior just now,Knocked back the opponent,And also successfully upgraded。
If it was just a coincidence just now,So why did the supernatural power dragon king see himself kill,Actually dare not challenge,Turn around and run?
and so,Tu Shanming drew an extremely important conclusion in his mind,I’m really stronger,And it’s a strong one!
This poor soldier from the C group,For the first time in my life。
In fact,He can upgrade,It was completely because Lu Menglin put an earth secret medicine in his mouth before,Greatly stimulated his life potential,And it is precisely because Lu Menglin judged that he was about to upgrade,That’s why I used him to block the way of the supernatural dragon king,Sure enough, kill two birds with one stone。
Here,Sword Demon Xiao Chulou was also shocked。
He and Shenli Dragon King have known each other for many years,Of course know that the opponent is strong,Purely in terms of combat power,It can be regarded as a powerful character who can be ranked in the White Sun Gate,Actually in the process of running,Repelled by an inconspicuous guy,And don’t even have the courage to fight,From the perspective of Sword Demon,It’s incredible,Too weird。