Let them start to change their mentality,Running is the most gentle and suitable way。

Seeing Xin Zhao so ridiculous,It’s impossible for them to say they don’t envy。Especially the rose as an example,His genes have been developed the longest,As a result, even Xin Zhao, who has been developing for a few days, is not big,Why is she so embarrassing?。
When these people ran a kilometer,Xin Zhao has completed his mission。
“Big sister head,I finished,Can you rest?”For Xin Zhao,It’s okay to run like this,But the energy consumed is too much。
“Keep running,starting today,Your meals have been changed to special beef,Guarantee your nutrition!”Lena looked at the person who was running slowly in front of her,I feel like I can’t bear face。
“Xin Zhao,You hold the stick,Who is the last,And knocked him with a stick~share,male or female,Unlimited power,As long as you can’t kill,Just fight to death!”
The voice fell off,The three women started running desperately。
They are girls after all,You have to save face,Being beaten by a man with a stick by Xin Zhao~share,It feels really shameful。
And after Xin Zhao listened,Ran to one side of the tree,Broke a branch,Chased up。
Now the last one is Liu Chuang,See him,Xin Zhao hit it with a stick without hesitation。
have to say,The power of the stick is really okay,So exciting,Liu Chuang rushed directly,The speed feels like it is in second gear。
The rest is Ge Xiaolun,Xin Zhao certainly won’t show mercy。