8 second batch of cross-study platforms in Huairou Science City completed next year

Original title: 8 second batch of cross-study platforms next year, Huairou Science City, was completed next year (Reporter Sun Yunke) Yesterday, the reporter learned from the two sessions of Huairou District, and the construction of Guo Siji National Science Center will achieve new progress.

High-energy synchronous radiation light source, multimode span-scale biomedical imaging, etc.

  In the 29 scientific facilities projects currently built in Huairou Science City, 9 major scientific devices and cross-research platform projects such as integrated extreal conditions, Earth system numerical simulation, and middh projects, and cross-research platform projects have been completed. Install and debug and trial operation.

By the end of this year, there will be 9 scientific facilities and cross-research platform civil and construction projects.

  Yang Haotian, Director of the Innovation Service of Huairou Science, Innovation Service, In 2022, Huairou Comprehensive National Science Center will adhere to construction and operation and focus on ensuring comprehensive extreme conditional experimental devices, Earth system numerical simulation devices, middh projects second phase and advanced transport While the first batch of 5 cross-research platforms are efficiently running, ensure high-energy synchronous radiation source, multimode cross-scale biomedical imaging and other scientific facilities and other scientific facilities, etc. Completion and equipment installation and commissioning. Adhere to scientific research and conversion synchronization, innovate scientific and technological achievements conversion service model, strive to achieve side construction, operation, scientific research, and output.

  In addition, Huairou Science City will also promote the undergraduate entrance of the National University, further empower innovative entities, and cultivate more hard-study incubator accelerators. Strive to the Mechanical Research General Hospital Huairou Science and Technology Innovation Base, promote the construction of Beijing Separanda and Renewable Medicine Research Institute, actively build high-level talent highlands, build science and technology innovation ecosystem, and strengthen the support of scientific and technological innovation.

  In terms of supporting facilities, Huairou Science City will focus on building a beautiful life of "science + city", accelerate the construction of the city’s living room AB plots, and realize the land of Naterni Scientific Towns, launch Yanqi Bay, scientific light project planning, and upgrade the scientific city police. Business center.

At the same time, complete the renovation of the northern section of Yanshi East Road, realize the completion of the Youth Road, the Department of Science, Yongle North Street, etc. Safeguarding the life of scientific research staff, Huairou District will explore the establishment of a commuter transit efficient connection system, the area to promote rail transit, custom bus, self-driving, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences shuttle high-efficiency change linkage, the district built custom bus, existing bus, share the bus Sharing a bicycle multivariate connection guarantee system. At the same time, we will improve the classified housing security system, and realize the first phase of Yanqi International Community, Shui’an Yanchi delivery, accelerate the second phase of Yanqi International Community, National University Collective Dormitory and City Living Room C Plot Apartment Construction. Accelerate the supply of high quality public service resources.

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