What are the common eye diseases in the elderly?

3 elderly eye protection tips

What are the common eye diseases in the elderly?
3 elderly eye protection tips

In modern society, due to the extensive use of electronic devices and unhealthy eye habits, the phenomenon of eye diseases is increasing: while middle-aged and old people are beginning to degrade due to eye muscle regulation and eye function, leading to computers, mobile phones, chess and so on.Coupled with some bad habits, the disease, the possibility of causing eye diseases has greatly increased.

At the same time, for these reasons, it is also very easy to cause damage to the wrist, neck and shoulders.

So, what are the common eye diseases in the elderly?

How should we protect our eyes?

Here are some of the most common eye diseases and old eye care tips. Let’s take a look.

  Common eye diseases in the elderly 1, eye problems caused by infection, the elderly will often have tears, there are many reasons for these conditions, often common conjunctival relaxation, chronic dacryocystitis, chronic conjunctivitis and other eye inflammation.

  We should pay attention to observe some daily performances. If you find that you often have tears, wipe your eyes, and wind and tears, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible to prevent long-term damage and lead to deterioration of vision and deterioration of function.

  2, cataract cataract, is a common eye disease, most of the patients are elderly.

It is because the elderly are older, the lens is turbid, and the crystal metabolism is abnormal, resulting in decreased vision.

  In daily life, we must pay more attention to the changes in vision of parents. Before the cataract is discovered, it is usually painless and gradual. Many people suddenly find it invisible one day, especially if there are elderly people at home who have myopia or hyperopia.The original glasses have become unclear. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is a symptom of cataract development. If problems are found, they should be diagnosed in time.

  3, presbyopia many older friends, there will be presbyopia, this is due to the hardening or partial hardening of the lens in the old man’s eyes, the body’s original ability to adjust the light is reduced, causing the focus of light to fall behind the retina, there is no wayAs before, it gathers on the retina, so when you look at nearby objects, there will be ambiguity.

  The problem of this eye deterioration will start around 40 years old, but the degree will vary from person to person.

  Elderly eye protection tips 1, do not regard the eye-catching in the daily life to pay attention to protect the eyes, the eyes are the body’s fragile organs, do not look directly at the glare, to avoid the glare of the eyes, such as not direct sunlight, welding light, strongLightning, lasers in the disco, etc., should be worn in the snow, desert, and ocean to prevent electro-optic ophthalmia.

  2, look at the eye When you feel the eyes are sore, please go to the mirror to see the distant peaks, roof, spires, etc., can adjust the eye muscles and lens, reduce eye fatigue, reduce the incidence of eye diseases.

  3, regular exercise should be in the wake of the waking, natural sitting, body relaxation, intention to defend Dantian, lightly closed eyes, eyeballs smooth, counterclockwise turn 18 laps, the action should be slow, and then tightly closedSuddenly widened his eyes.