Pollen allergens, Fei Xu disturbing rumors …… Do not let them clogging up!

  "Yang Hua catkins Suifeng Wu, Yusheng hundred valleys summer is approaching." Guyu, the best season of all things grow.

But pollen this time, Yang catkins, flies, and also added a lot to the people "little trouble." Pollen allergy because the flowers? Flying floc hidden bug? Aerial spraying drugs do not go out? …… these troubling rumors are true? Flowers pollen allergy is caused? Flowers: I do not think anyone back this pot of peach, apricot and other colored flowers in full bloom, its pollen is more allergenic culprit is, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Experts said, peach, apricot and other brightly colored flowers are not prone to allergies, because they are "entomophilous flower", large pollen particles, heavy and sticky, less drift in the air, can only attract pollinating bees, only a very few people would be allergic to them. The tree pollen, grass, small flowers such as "wind-pollinated flowers" category, is the cause of pollen allergy "main culprits." They are invisible to pollen small, very light, and plentiful. Large wind blows floating in the air, the person can easily lead to contact and inhalation allergies. [Tips] on hypo-allergenic allergic people, it should go outside, pay attention to close the window; go out wearing masks, to avoid high pollen concentration areas; Go home note wash your face, especially the nose, eyes, replace James pollen clothing.

  Life, available salt water nasal wash; vitamin C may be appropriate when sneezing or runny nose and other symptoms; if severe allergy symptoms should seek immediate medical attention. Source: CCTV network.

  Poplar, willow catkins will? Flying floc will be hidden bug? Not accurate! Some people think that as long as poplar, willow catkins it will, even saying that "flying floc hidden bug", these claims are true? In fact, not all poplar, willow catkins will have.

Fei Xu filled mainly from poplar, willow female plants, they desperately "sun Doll" by spreading Fei Xu way, the spread of offspring, Yang Liu Shuxiong strain is no Fei Xu’s. On "flying floc hidden bugs," saying that currently only Nanjing, Wuxi, Zhengzhou, Chongqing and other places there have been bugs, the rest of the city are mostly ordinary Yang catkins. The legendary French network worms (ie elm – pulse aphid) is only a grain of rice, and most of them fly alone; and catkins, Yang Xu is usually "hold together" floating in the air. [Tips] when they go out anti-Fei Xu, like Less masks, glasses and jacket, fully "armed" and then go out. If there is "hairy" accidentally drill into his eyes, you can rinse with water, remember do not knead by hand, it will easily scratched cornea, increasing the risk of infection, symptoms severe enough to seek immediate medical attention.

Of course, we also pay attention to fire safety, do not throw cigarette butts, beware ignition Fei Xu accidents.

  Aircraft spring season spilled medicine can not go out? Old Ballad "demon as" nothing more! Every spring season, there is always "Do not go out aerial spraying of drugs," the Tips come and go in a circle of friends, makes it difficult to distinguish between true and false, you believe it? Joint platform database to verify the rumor, from the beginning of 2016, every spring, have similar rumors via the Internet in China. Previously, there Dalian, Hefei and other places forestry department, said the aerial spraying of drugs this approach, only a large area of ??forest pests for when it is used, and will be controlled within a range not to cause harm to life, not in urban areas We use this method of pest control.

  In addition, the forestry sector such messages to forestry quarantine approval, advance announcement and implementation process is very strict, is not published online mass way. At the same time, whether spraying aircraft for aerial work or ground forest pesticides, people will choose pesticides on livestock and poultry safety, we do not panic. In fact, in March and April each year, "aircraft spraying of" rumors circle of friends will come alive as the "season ballad" painted a sense of presence.

Please pay attention to science to identify, let the "aircraft spraying of the" old rumor beyond the truth.

Responsible Editor: Dianyi Festival.