Even is Xu Tianci,It was also scared by Li Shouying’s words.,Someone else said this,He can’t go to your heart,But the old people like Li Shouying said such a word.,That must be said that you can do it.。

Li Hui also didn’t expect one day, his old man has such a fierce side.。
Just today,He is not allowed to implicate your family,He wants to give Xu Tiancheng to Xu Lai Fu.,Let the two will provoke him,Otherwise, there will be a lot of things in the village.。
“Lee,Don’t run today,I want you to know the consequences of my Xu Tianci.。”
Xu Tianci was shocked by Li Shouren.,But I saw Li Hui.,He still can’t help but threaten。
“Hey-hey,fine,I am waiting here today.,I have to go back with you to find the village head and talk about other things.,I hope you will be so arrogant now.。”
He suddenly finished this,Xu Jiafu hurriedly rushed over。
After all, my son was gave.,He is this as a natural thing to be solved.。
Although he said that he said not to let the village are used to Xu Tianci.,But there are several people who are true.?
Because there are not a few people dare to be true,He is relieved to say this。
No matter the son and daughter,He is not boring.,Especially for your son,He is not a favorite。
Looking at Xu Tianci, it was held,Formation of wrist,Xu Jiafu immediately anger。
Just when you look around so much lively villagers,He can’t take care of Li Hui’s。
“Xiao Li,How is this going?”
Li Hui Feng saw Xu Laifu’s face,Especially the eyes of the eyes, the anger, which makes him sure Xu Laofu is coming to him.,Instead of solving things。
“Hey-hey,village head,You have to ask Xu Tianci.,He wants to play my friend in my face.,And I used my hand with my hand.,If I escape time,I am lying in front of you today.。”
He moved to you,Hello,He was hurt?”
For Li Hui’s words,Xu Laifu is not believed,He is aware of his son.,That is the little babitude,The things that fight fight are already practiced.,I didn’t expect that today, I was actually returned by Li Hui Feng.。
“Hey-hey,village head,His injury is already in my hand.,And look at your face,Otherwise, he hasn’t sent it to prison today.,Do you believe?”
Looking at Xu Laifu wants to dig the trap to make yourself jump,Li Huiqiao is directly challenged by the face of the surrounding folks.。
For Xu Tianzhi’s work,He also learned a lot,And he has enough evidence to let Xu Tian give it。
Because he just smelled a different unusual taste on Xu Tianci.,That is the taste of poppy。
Plus,Xu Tianci is a lot more than before.,Eye bag,Bienie,Simply look at him from face, it feels that the other party should be in contact with the country.。
Xu Laifu is also asked by Li Hui’s words.。
“hehe,breeze,You are going to have a grandfather.,it is good,Do you talk about what this child is committed?,I have to see if you can send him.。”
Chapter 44
When you say this, Xu Laofu is also constantly playing.。
After all, Xu Tianci has no less dry in the next day.。
“uncle,Do you sure let me say it directly in the face of so many people??
If you are involved” After the following words, Li Pei’s wind does not say much.,But Xu Laifu has already understood that Li Hui’s meaning is.。
I am afraid that he will follow him.,Just in front of him, he doesn’t want to bow.。