Ah Mao took three bullock carts to go down,Ah Chong brought three bullock carts over again,Chen Xiu thought:“This time it should be Hu Li giving the gift。”

As expected,Sure enough, Hu Li sent someone to send a car of copper coins、A cart of medicinal herbs、In the last car are eight beautiful female slaves。
“This Hu Li is really an old fox,Hu Mazi、Guo Baojun is two savvy men,He knows Longxi Village is an Orion family,It is inevitable to get hurt when hunting up the mountain,What is more needed is medicinal materials;Sent a few more beauties,It’s both wealth and color。”Chen Xiu looked at Hu Li again。
“Achung,Bring Mr. Hu’s gift to everyone.。”
Ah Chong is excited to go down with three bullock carts,Ran back again,Rao Tou said:“master,Money and medicine are well divided,can……But eight of them are not enough,There are dozens of bachelors in our village!”
Chen Xiu slapped his head,I forgot this,Women are not as good as bacon,Said with a smile:“Achung,How about leaving all eight of them to you as a wife!”
Ah Chong quickly waved his hand and said:“master,This can prevent。Women are tigers,My dad is just my mom,Already miserable,If I had eight wives, it would be better to die!”
1127 Six Doors Xiao Bing
I heard a little kid talking about his wife,Everyone was laughing,Even the eight singers can’t help but laugh。
At this time, Daniel has also sent the first batch of ox cart gifts back,Kicked Ah Chong’s ass,Smiled:“You little kid,Know what a wife is!”
A Chong holding his butt with both hands,Whispered:“Speak as if you understand,You are not a bachelor!”
Everyone laughed happier now,Daniel has to kick his ass again,A Chong parades among the crowd like a loach,Daniel is the last one。
“okay,Take it if you have enough trouble,The coins and medicinal materials are distributed to everyone,Eight singers will be handed over to the village chief!”