Just when Meizi was about to pounce on Chen Gui,suddenly,Chen Gui punched Meizi’s head and waved past。His punch is accumulated for a long time,A punch that exhausted my strength。

When Chen Gui’s punch swept across Mei Zi’s head,This woman’s thin body,Like a kite with broken silk,Flew out sideways。
With a scream,Meizi leaped on the big kang,Can’t get up for a long time,She rolled her eyes,Gasping and cursing:“You are a thousand dollars,also……Dare to hit me”
“I am not only going to hit you today,And also beat you to death”
Chen Gui stepped forward,He grabbed Meizi’s long hair,Lifted her from the kang,Then the other hand is facing Meizi’s delicate face,Papa is two slaps。
Plum at this time,It’s like being helpless,Dying lamb。Except for her face of fear,The rest is panting。
“All right!Today, let go of the face of Wang Youcai and me!”
Xia Jian just stepped forward,Opened Chen Gui’s hand,Pushed him out of the house。
Wang Youcai glared at Meizi,Coldly cursed:“Deserve it!If this changes me,I have to mutilate her,Fight these two times”
Wang Youcai finished talking,Also walked out of the door。Thus,I even lost Xia Jian。Xia Jian wants to go too,Are they here for nothing tonight??
Xia Jian thought for a while,I twisted my butt and sat on the edge of the kang,He whispered:“plum!You can’t do this!You have parents,Have children,Who are you right?”
“do not talk,I don’t want to live anymore。I really have enough,Boring。Chen Gui dared to do something to me today”
Plum lying on the kang,Tears streaming down my cheeks。She at this moment,Looks really pitiful。But Xia Jian knew,He can’t be resigned to such a woman。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“It’s easier to die than to live,But if you die, you can’t live forever。In our Xiping Village,Chen Gui’s family was considered a first-class family。Chen Gui was a village cadre at the time,And he has a beautiful wife,Do you think anyone in the village envy?”
“Back then,What are you doing?Time won’t go back,You see what our house looks like now?Is it still enviable??”
When Meizi said this,His face slowly became happy。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Chen Gui’s house is not bad now,He has a regular job in the cooperative,Two kids with someone,You live more comfortably than the queen,Then I really don’t understand,What are you messing about?I can tell you,Everyone will get old,You too。And a forty-year-old man Yizhihua,But a forty-year-old woman is tofu”