“Is quite a lot,So Korea made a joke。They judged that,The tomb owner may have been a senior general,Is a historical figure to admire。

But actually,Five baht money historically,Originated in China。
Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty,The court ordered the abolition of the currencies of the princes,And then cast them into five baht coins,And spread it across the country。later,When Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty sent troops out,Some generals left China with five baht,After several turnovers, a part of the five baht money went to the Korean peninsula where South Korea is located.。
In the impression of Koreans,Five baht has always been a very precious historical relic,In ancient times, only people with relatively noble identities could have,So when I found five baht,Korean archaeologists are so excited。
In fact,in China,At that time, the five baht was the money of ordinary people’s homes,There are a few in the beggar’s pocket。”
After listening to Hu Yang,The audience in the live room burst into laughter:Unexpected?Surprise?
Treat you as treasures,in our country,It’s actually bad street stuff,This is funny。
“Just when they were going to apply for the legacy,We also dug a tomb here in China,Five baht directly reached twelve tons,More than two million,Even the street vendors hate it。
See these,The Koreans gave up the idea of applying for a heritage,Hide the five baht thing,For fear of being jokes。”Talking,Hu Yang couldn’t help but laugh。
Huazai and the others are already in a daze,So funny?
“puff!Damn!Koreans made fun of me。”
“Take five baht to apply for the legacy,It is estimated that their thick-skinned Koreans can do it。”
“Haha!Twelve tons,Are you serious?”
“Give some face!Can you report less?They dig three feet,Only found twenty-six,Your unearthed is twelve tons,Slaps are not like that。”
With this episode that Brother Hu said,Everyone is happy a lot,Can understand,Why are Koreans so nervous now。
Development of Five Baht Money,Can make them ecstatic,Not to mention their serious national treasure——Korean porcelain。