If Fernandez wants to cooperate with Wells Fargo,Wells Fargo will definitely welcome with both hands,But it won’t let the general manager come out in person,And the general manager will not come forward to dig people,The reason for this,All thanks to this sudden oil crisis……

Not only does Wells Fargo have a hard time,It’s not easy for everyone,Thanks to what some scholars have called the second oil crisis,The U.S. economy continues to decline,In addition to the emerging computer industry,All other industries、Especially oil、Chemical industry、Heavy industries such as steel are even more frustrated,As a financial industry dependent on the industrial industry to exist,Life is naturally more difficult。
Chen Geng never read Wells Fargo’s financial report,But when I was chatting with Ji Shengcheng, Ji Shengcheng once gloated and said that,In the six months since the economic crisis broke out,The U.S. goes bankrupt2000Bank,U.S. banks have exceeded14400Home suddenly fell to its current shortcomings12000Home,And in the top ranking in the United States100Name of the bank,United Community Bank is the only company that has achieved an increase in profits,Other banks,Even the top ranked Citi、Mellon、Chase and Wells Fargo,Life is miserable,Especially Wells Fargo,It was the first time that there was a quarterly loss……
In a fall,The only United Community Bank that has achieved profit growth is naturally particularly eye-catching,Everyone is naturally curious,Why don’t we have to live our lives anymore,Your kid can still eat meat now?
As a listed company,Just analyze the financial report released by United Community Bank to know what happened:same time last year,The total amount of auto finance loans issued by United Community Bank is less than3000Ten thousand U.S. dollars,And this year it’s only three quarters,The total amount of auto loans issued by United Community Bank has exceeded2One hundred million U.S. dollars——So many auto finance loan business,It’s a hell if the profits of the small and medium-sized bank of United Community Bank do not increase in price.。
Even more hell,So many auto finance loans,They all come from the same company!
You said,After Wells Fargo knew this,Will you drool wildly??
that’s for sure;
Will you have the thought of digging?
It’s hell without that。
But since it is going to dig a corner,Then show enough sincerity。
What is sincerity?
General Manager John·Tostedt is sincere to come out in person,Jean Alex·Goodrich to John·Tostedt’s introducer is also sincere。
“Talk about it,”Chen Geng said:“Wells Fargo wants me to give them the auto loan business,What advantage can they give me?”
Want to dig a corner,It’s definitely impossible without paying a higher price。Chen Geng didn’t believe that the general manager of Wells Fargo would not know this.,He doesn’t believe in this John·Tostedt would not reveal anything to Alex·Goodrich。
Alex·Goodrich really knows something:“Mr. Tostedt said,If you choose Wells Fargo,Wells Fargo Bank will fully support the expansion of your used car business,And guarantee,The profit you make from the auto loan business,Higher than in United Community Bank10%。”
“10%what,This is not a small amount……”Chen Geng murmured。
“Yes,10%Not a small number,At least millions of dollars a year……”
Alex·Goodrich nodded subconsciously,Just the next moment,Alex·Goodrich’s words come to an abrupt end,Because he found that Chen Gengzheng was looking at him with a smile.,Alex who realized he had leaked·Goodrich,Suddenly a little embarrassed。
“This john·Mr. Tostedt gave you a clear calculation。”Chen Geng’s way of smiling but not smiling。