Li Wei passed away!

The old man was cheated!

Keep your health early but don’t take a detour, lose your “foot” or stay in the ages!

Li Wei passed away!
The old man was cheated!
Keep your health early but don’t take a detour, lose your “foot” or stay in the ages!

Li Wei’s death is a lesson from the past!

It is a pain in the old man to be cheated!

Keep your health early but don’t take a detour, lose your “foot” or stay in the ages!

A few days ago, the original CCTV host Li Wei, who was only 50 years old, died in the United States. Li Wei’s wife, CCTV director Harvin’s regret, “forever lost my love”.

If Li Wei’s death is a pity, then a group of scammers who are under the banner of “Love for the Elderly and Health Engineering Committee” is even more hateful. The old people’s pensions and coffins are replaced by 26 swindlers, 13 million in cash.So what is the root cause of all this?

Li Wei’s early death tells everyone: health care is not too early, it will be a big deal!

CCTV’s famous mouth Li Wei is very hard working. She is a model host, a good husband and a good father.

His “Lucky 52” and “Very 6 + 1” are full of passion and positive energy.

But all this, his death has come to an end!

I also know how to live, know how to live, and know how to live in life!

Health care is a matter of intolerance, is there a small number of examples of premature death?

Is it not enough to alert the younger generation?

Health product fraud case warns the elderly: health care should be scientific, letter brand, don’t believe in eternal life!

近日,各大媒体报道了 “江苏警方” 在社交平台公布的一起大案:“今年6月,在公安部指导,江苏省公安厅指挥下破获了一起以免费旅游为幌子,利用保健品诈骗老年In human criminal cases, 38 “tourist sales” platforms were destroyed and 638 suspects were arrested.

“It is reported that this criminal gang is under the banner of a false public welfare organization, posing as a medical expert, doctor, lecturer, medical consultant, etc., boasting, exaggerating the efficacy of products, and packaging cheap products of more than ten yuan into high-level central cadres.”Drugs, and then sold at a price of thirty or forty times.

The gang leader bought 26 suites in Nanjing with the money earned, and the family hid 13 million in cash.

This is the old people’s pension, life-saving money, coffin books, and even the old man borrowed money to buy!

It’s simply devastating and horrible!

While condemning the scammers, there are many things worthy of reflection from the elderly.

For example, health care should not go astray, I believe that the swindler’s rhetoric is not as good as science, believe in the brand, those who do not move to suggest that all diseases, medicine to disease, let you get eternal life is the poison!

Zhang Fengping took the case!

Kim Min Jong must be “righteous to listen”, and will be delivered when it opens!

Mr. Zhang Fengping, the chairman of Jinhao Group, heard that the case was furious and took the case!

As a Chinese national brand, the pioneers and industry leaders of the family’s foot-holding culture hate the deceitful behavior!

He is the founder of the Jinhao brand, and cooperates with Professor Ding Jiayi of China Pharmaceutical University to develop and raise health and health products. He has his own research team and factory, and has been cultivating the industry for 15 years. The product quality is excellent and the price is affordable!

This is the conscience of a leading figure in the health industry!

It is reported that the “Qiancheng Wandian” project of Jinluo Group is in full swing. The first “Jinyu Yangzuo Living Museum” in Nanjing will be officially opened from November 10th to November 18th.

8 yuan facial cleanser, there is also a lively promotion.

Zhang Fengping firmly believes that it is certain that the hurricane evils in the health care market will be suppressed. It is necessary to sink into the heart to do research and development, to make products on the ground, and to send marketing to bring you real quality and cheap.