How to make a man fat

How to make a man fat

I now weigh 125 pounds, 2 months ago, absolutely true, witnesses and witnesses are my haha.

  Come with me to witness the way men get fat. When I was in college, I was also very thin, and I was very picky, and my lifestyle was not good. I slept very late.

I am a boy, wearing shoes about 175, but only 100 pounds.

Like thin friends, wearing short sleeves in summer is really inferior. I try to buy a shirt to wear.

  An internship after the end of the semester found that a colleague was physically strong.

He often goes to the gym, he also eats very much, and often eats lean meat and eggs during work hours.

I also learned him, and I also had something to eat during lunch time.

I summed up the experience, that is, when I have nothing to eat, I can’t let myself be hungry.

  But thin people have a bad appetite, and the digestive system is definitely worse than people who exercise regularly. What should I do?

I secretly do push-ups and do it.

Sure enough, my stomach is good.

I didn’t go to bed until midnight at night.

(I used to be a night cat) The breakfast has changed now. I used to drink some porridge. Now it is Westernized, it is milk + bread.

Evening snacks are also indispensable.

I feel that learning to eat is the core of a man’s way to gain weight. We have to eat as much snacks as girls.

Eating snacks at night is easy to get fat. In fact, it is true, but not too late. I am eating 1 hour before going to bed.