The thinner the better?

Weighed down to this level, beware of 4 diseases to find the upper body!

The thinner the better?
Weighed down to this level, beware of 4 diseases to find the upper body!

Some time ago, the famous host Li Weijia appeared on a variety show, which caused a lot of netizens to discuss.

The reason is: he is too thin.

Although Li Weijia subsequently responded that he was innocent, the netizens looked distressed.

Compared with the previous name, he can obviously polish his body shape, the facial muscles collapse, and the cheekbones are distinct, turning into a thin “awl face”.

Weight loss is fast, may get sick, and the weight drops rapidly in a short period of time, usually because of illness.

Most diseases consume body energy, and the more serious the disease, the more powerful it consumes.

When we have a fever, we feel thinner. In fact, it is a fever that accelerates the metabolism of our body, which increases the energy consumption of the body and makes it lighter.

How many pounds are you losing? Is it abnormal?

From a nutritional point of view, the weight loss of a person within 1 month is reduced by 1?
About 2 kg is normal.

Unless you are actively losing weight, weight loss is greater than 2 kg, you should be vigilant.

The shorter the weight, the faster the weight loss, and the risk of disease.

These disease specialists “eat meat” make people gluttoned diseases called “consumptive diseases”. From the perspective of energy consumption, they can be divided into four categories: the first one, the nutritional mitigation is seriously insufficient, leading to nutritional deficiencies, causing the body to lose weight quickly.

Such as anorexia, long-term excessive dieting.

Second, it causes malnutrition.

Mainly digestive diseases, such as chronic atrophic gastritis, chronic colitis, chronic hepatitis, or after small bowel resection.

The third type is to increase the body’s nutrient consumption, mainly tuberculosis, tumors, etc., especially malignant tumors.

The first type is a disease with abnormal metabolism, mainly due to abnormal endocrine function, which prevents the human body from normally metabolizing the absorbed nutrients, or automatically over-consumption of body storage, causing weight loss, such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism and the like.

Lose weight, do not pursue “one night violent” speed loss to the human body is very harmful, some damage is even irreversible.

For example, excessive dieting can easily develop into anorexia nervosa.

Types of patients are often accompanied by neurological vomiting. When they eat or see food, they will vomit.

They want to get fat again and restore their health. It is really difficult. This is not just a question of nutrition, but also psychotherapy, behavioral therapy and so on.

For the popular meal replacement diet products, these products usually have high protein content, sufficient vitamins and minerals, and low and small amounts. The main reason for satiety is metabolic fiber.

It is ok to eat for a short period of time. Continuous consumption of this low-level food will cause malnutrition.

The most healthy way to lose weight is to “hold your mouth, take your legs off”, properly control the conversion of intake, and exercise more.