Let you build muscles through the soup

Let you build muscles through the soup

补汤-味美强 Many fitness enthusiasts often take nutritional supplements as a “prescription” to promote muscle growth.

These supplements are indeed convenient to eat, fast in effect, and supported by a wealth of medical research data.

However, practice has proved that Chinese medicine can also enhance the recovery of human muscle strength and accelerate the recovery.

Chinese people are known for their “simmering soup” to regulate their body’s habits. Western supplements have their own effects, but traditional Chinese medicine diets also have many unique advantages.

  In fact, before the emergence of Western medicine research, athletes from China, South Korea and the former Soviet Union had been taking traditional medicines such as ginseng and velvet blood to strengthen the body.

Of course, we can’t drink soup every day, but occasionally, it is also a good supplement for strengthening the body.

  The efficacy of ginseng-healthy ginseng is believed to be familiar to everyone, but how much is the magical effect of ginseng that has been circulating since ancient times?

Ginseng may be a traditional Chinese medicine that was initially concerned by the West, and related research has never stopped.

The researchers found that ginseng removes antibodies from white mice that have cancer, accelerates recovery, and also strengthens the hematopoietic function of bone marrow.

Therefore, 30 athletes from Switzerland performed an 8-minute designated exercise and recorded it.

When the athletes took ginseng, their maximum heart rate was replaced by 155. After exercise, the time required for the heart rate to return to 100 was changed from 5 minutes to 3 minutes; the concentration of lactic acid in the blood was also 10.

5 units dropped to 6.

2 units.

  Another study in Switzerland pointed out that ginseng can both enhance heart and lung function, accelerate response, gradually fatigue, and reduce muscle glycogen consumption.

The most convincing example is that after the weightlifting athletes exercise, the heart rate will still improve after the next day, and once the ginseng is taken, the heart rate will return to normal the next day.

  It can be found from numerous experiments that ginseng can significantly enhance physical strength and accelerate recovery after exercise.

For all bodybuilders, ginseng is a rare “magic bullet”.

  Deer antler – the source of growth In addition to ginseng, antler can be described as another trump card for traditional Chinese medicine nutritional supplements.

The growth rate of antler is amazing. The antler contains egg fragile hormone, estrone.

These are chemicals that stimulate growth and are also very helpful for the growth and recovery of the human body.

A study in New Mexico, USA, shows that taking antlers can speed up muscle, bone and soft tissue recovery.

In addition, antler can also increase appetite, enhance physical strength, improve mood and reduce pain and injury.

A study in South Korea found that antler can enhance immunity and delay fatigue.

  The muscle-enhancing recipe – the surge of retinal pillone has been studied in China and Italy.

The results show that the two interactions will cause a great change in the secretion of hormones.

One of the hormones for LH luteinizing hormone increased by a factor of 10, while LH stimulated the secretion of androgen (ie, acetate acetate) by nearly a factor of two.

This response can directly contribute to the growth of athletes’ muscles.

While thyroid ketone hormone increases secretion, the secretion of adrenaline also increases, thus allowing physical fitness to reach its limit.

  The two kinds of soups, which are mainly ginseng and velvet antler, alternate alternately, which will have a large depression on the body, but not at the same time.