Shijiazhuang: All-year urban new employment tasks completed in advance

  The reporter learned from the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau. Since this year, the people at all levels of the city have stabilized, safeguard employment as major political responsibilities and primary tasks, insist on reduce burden, stabilize, and expand industry, focusing on stability, amplification Actively encourage and support multi-channel flexible employment, and do a good job in college graduates, agricultural transfer labor, urban difficult person and other key group employment.

From January to October this year, the city has added 10,000 people, exceeding timing progress, completing the target task of 10,000 people in advance; urban registration of unemployment rate, control in the provincial requirements, the city employment presents overall stability, Steady recovery, steady and gentle.

  In the province, the city took the lead in implementing Stable post and "exemption to exclusive," Up to now, a total of Wanjia Jintians who meet the eligible Wanjiajin will pay 10,000 yuan. The stable job is 10,000, and the scale and speed are ranked first in the province. The eighth charter of the State Council is selected as the national advanced typical. The city has also launched the only individual industrial and commercial households in the province to participate in the pilot work of unemployment insurance, and the subsidy policy has expanded to the insurance and unemployed personnel since 2018. As of now, there are 10,000 people through unemployment subsidies and have issued subsidies. Jin Yun, the benefit rate%, and the first of the province.

  In order to promote the employment entrepreneurship of college graduates, the city issued "Shijiazhuang City to promote the employment of college graduates in colleges and universities" "2021 to promote college graduates employment entrepreneurship work program", through the implementation of college graduates "1 + 8 "Action, formation of promoting college graduates’ employment. Up to now, a total of 9.3 million yuan for the distribution of employment.

The city has also established long-term labor cooperation relations with 33 land, including Hangzhou, Zhaotong, Baotou, etc. Transfering employment. The way in the market is in line with online line, organizes special actions such as spring breeze, private enterprises recruitment month, 100-day network recruitment, and actively build "Shijiazhuang City Normalization Talent Recruitment Platform" "100th Network Recruitment" "Zhou Shen University Graduate Recruitment Fair" and other platforms provide full-scale employment supply and demand services to carry out 561 recruitment activities, providing homework, promoting supply and demand effectively docking. At the same time, the classification of key group employment lines such as employment difficult personnel, unemployed personnel, depressed labor, etc., ensuring that urban zero employment homes are zero.

  The city vigorously implemented vocational skills improvement actions, surrounding the market urgently needed occupation, caring for free vocational skills training, promoting new apprenticeships in companies, working hard training, pre-job training and entrepreneurship training.

Up to now, the city has completed a total of vocational training, and the annual task is exceeded in advance. The city has issued the "Implementation Plan on Promoting Vocational Colleges and Technical College Integration and Improved Vocational Skills Training", actively promoting the integration development of vocational colleges and technical colleges, and earnestly enhances the quality of vocational skills training.

At the first selection of three high-level high-skilled talent bases and skills masters, in order to cultivate high-skilled talents and skills and skills play an important role.

  In supporting entrepreneurs, the city actively carried out the optimization of entrepreneurial incubation bases in accordance with highlighted features, expansion, innovation and upgrading, and update the model, and optimized 13 entrepreneurial incubation bases. Construction completed the first new retail in our province. E-commerce live incubation base. At the same time, further increase the efforts of entrepreneurial guarantee loans, expand the loan coverage, the city issued an entrepreneurial guarantee loan of 70.95 million yuan, directly supporting 465 people, indirectly drive more than 1,000 employment.

(Reporter Wang Jing).