Man standing on the side,Signature,When I saw Lu Hao Cheng,A face is afraid。

“Continental,why you?”
Lu Haocheng glanced at the man,I don’t know him.。
Lu Haocheng looked at the daughter,Whisper:“Kiki,You are fine?”
Blue Qiqi saw his mother,I suddenly poured a grievance from my heart.,“Mother,Qin Sweet, I am a wild girl,I don’t have Dad.,I am a wild species.,I can’t hear it.,I have a meal.,Not what I am in trouble,It is she first says me.。”
Blue Xin listen this,Heartbreaking。
This child,How can I know that Kiki has no father?,Lu Hao Cheng has been in the group。
Lu Haocheng listened to the wild species,Burn in the heart of anger。
“Humph!My father said that you didn’t have a father.,You are a wild species,You are still very embarrassed to come here,My father said,Come here to study,It’s all in your mother with an improper means.,so,I am wrong.。”
Qin Tiantian crying and complaining。
“Sweet,Shut up。”
Man standing not far away,Looking nervously looking at Lu Haozheng,The whole person shakes like a screen,Leaching sweat on the forehead。
Class teacher,Watching Qin Sweet Mom and Dad,“Sweet father,The child is still small,How can I say this in front of my child??”
Qin Huai listened,The intestines that regret it in my heart are blue.,He doesn’t know that the child will say this.,I usually have a few words in the dinner table.,How can this child be remembered?。
“teacher,sorry!Is my education problem,I will strictly correct this problem.。”
Qin Huai said,Look at Lu Hao Cheng。
Sweet mother listens,Looking at Blue Xinye,“It turned out to be like this,Here is the noble school,Not ordinary people can get up,Not everyone can come。
teacher,There is such a parent,Students don’t want to learn is difficult,I recommend removing her child.。”
“you shut up。”
Qinhuai whatever his wife。
Who is the person in front of me?,The Lu Hao Cheng, who aunt must bear。
The status of Jiangyou is a lightweight。
Blue Xin listen this,Anger,Be as you like。
Lu Haocheng is gently holding her hand,Watching cold looking at sweet mom,“Extend my Lu Hao Cheng’s child,You are gallbling。”
“No no no no,Continental,She a woman,do not understand anything,You don’t want to see him.。
”Qin Huai apologizes。
“Qinhuai,What are you afraid of what he did??
We have a aunt,Still it, is it afraid of him??”
Sweet mother is arrogant,That to have someone else in front of her.。
“I let you shut up!”
Qinhua is anxious。
Lu Haocheng looked at Qinhuai,It turned out that he is Qinhuai。
Qin Ning’s money from the company,Most of the account called Qin Huai。
He looked at Qinhuai,Soundly ask:“Qin Ning is you??”
Qin Huai has not spoken yet,On the side of the Qin, Mrs. Qin is proud to look at Lu Haozheng.,“She is my aunt,how?
I am afraid.?”
Lu Haocheng did not see her,But in front of her daughter,“Kiki,Dad,Not afraid。
You do it,Next to this mouthful,You should fight in the dead。”