Next day,Ask Ye Xingkong to visit the sick Chen Limu。

Haven’t waited for Ye Xingkong to answer,Tian Lujiu“overbearing”Holding Ye Xingkong’s arm,Out the door,Stopped“Taxi”,Go straight to the hospital。
“Taxi”on,Tian Lu looks like a“Talk”Mother-in-law,He kept teaching Ye Xingkong how to treat Chen Limu with etiquette after meeting。
Yihai Hospital,in305Room ward door。
The door is slightly hidden,Tian Lu knocked gently on the door,No one answered,After confirming that it is Chen Limu ward,Tian Lu took Ye Xingkong in。
Tian Lu nodded to Chen Limu who was half-sleeping on the bed,Put a mention of fruit on the ward table。
This is a single suite,Very warm decoration。
Tian Lu whispered hello:“Hi Aunt Mu,George said you are sick,Came to visit you specially!”
Chen Limu’s face is not as bad as imagined,It seems,The condition should be almost healed。
A middle-aged man stood beside Chen Limu bed,Over sixty,Body slightly fat,Tough waist,Physical fitness is as good as forty。
Chen Limu looked at the man,Looked at Tian Lu and Ye Xingkong again。
The man glanced at Ye Xingkong inadvertently,I thought my eyes were too bad,Turning his eyes to look at Ye Xingkong。Blurted out:“Colan!”There was a surprise in his eyes。
Chen Limu no longer leans against the back of the bed,Sit back and sit down,Tian Lu hurriedly stepped up and down。
Chen Limu said unhurriedly:“Do not,Even you think he is Ke Lan, right,Zhentian,Let me introduce to you。This Tian Lu,Reporter Tian of New Media,That young man is called Ye Xingkong,Is Tian Lu’s friend。”