Approaching Winter Olympic Winter Olympic Village (Winter Revoca) to carry out "full factors" operation test

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing December 12 (Reporter Li Chunyu, Xie Wei) In Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics Yanqing Division, the eastern part of the South District, Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Iow Village) is built.

On the morning of the 11th, 30 delegations composed of approximately 360 people and 1 observance group have reached the Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Aoying Village) to carry out the "full factor" operation test. According to reports, this test includes delegation to dexterate service, accommodation service, catering service, commercial service, nucleic acid sampling, etc.

  The construction group of Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Iow Village) compliant the mountain, the space is compact, has a certain drop, and has put forward higher requirements for the design and construction of barrier-free facilities. Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Iow Village) venue, the Secretary General of the Mun Team Reasonable connection, facilitates life in the village.

  It is understood that Yanqing Winterao Village (Winter Iow Village) consists of three parts: residential area, square area and operational district, with restaurant, integrated clinics, franchise retail store, fitness entertainment center, bank, cafe, flower shop, tradition Cultural exhibition areas, etc., strive to meet the needs of participants. At the time of the game, the Yanqing Division will hold a high mountain ski, snow, steel frame snowcots, sleigh and other competitions.

Yan Hao said: "Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Iow Village) According to the characteristics of the Yanqing Division competition, the fitness center is divided into cardiovascular training area, free power training area, strength zone, stretching zone, together About 27 categories, 139 pieces of equipment.

More distribution power training equipment and the following limbs are all dominant, helping the athletes keep the body state. "Franchise retail store in the square area, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics theme slogan song" To the future "as a background music cycle, Winter Olympics is strong.

Badges, refrigerator stickers, "ice pier" and "snow-enhanced" dolls and other commemorative goods are popular, "exclusive" licensed "exclusive" with high mountain skiing, snow, steel frame snowcots, sleds, etc. Also become a big feature.

  At the main restaurant in Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Abuse Village), you can see the National Snow Sleigh Center "Snow" through the window.

World dining table, Asian dining table, Chinese dining table, clear geotette, halal table … all kinds of foods rich, Beijing, Yanqing, Zhangjiakou, Winter Olympics (Winter Iow Village) catering service standard, Time and content are exactly the same. Yan Hao said that this operational test has taken more than 70 sub-scenes. The next step will be based on test results and feedback, improve the operation process, optimize the emergency disposal plan, curing exercise experience, and to Yanqing Winter Olympic Village ( Winter disabled villages will lay a solid foundation.

  It is reported that Yanqing Winter Olympic Village is scheduled to pre-enrollment in the village on January 23, 2022, run 24 hours a day, running a total of 53 days until January 16, Yanqing Winter Iow Village. Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Iow Village) will be used as a resort.