The property staff finished,Go straight down the stairs。

Qin Feng gave two men in suits a wink,Man in suit knows,Raised the pipe。
Same as Wang Yong,Head with a stick,Then the limbs are abolished。
Poor boss Ge,Gagged by a towel,I can’t scream even if I whimper,Finally fainted。
morning,Xu Fang is her bag.In the apartment that the little boy bought,I wake up naturally when I fall asleep。
He digs black material,Complete evidence of blackmailing rich people and stars has been sentrCity Law Enforcement Office。
Because the objects of her crime include celebrities,She is now,Hotter than any first-line female celebrity,Sweeping the top three in the thousand-degree search,And it is absolutely guaranteed,No moisture。
Facing surging public opinion,rCity law enforcement agencies act quickly,Closed her public relations company,Control related persons involved,And apply to the superior,A national wanted order was issued against her。
After Xu Fang left the house of Mr. Zhou,,Just here,After waking up,She read the news,I found myself nowhSuperstar。
But she didn’t panic,Instead, he smiled triumphantly。
these years,She made a lot of money,Because they are doing wicked things,She also left a way for herself。
She has $200 million in a Swiss bank account,And she also hooked up with an employee of immigration,For the purpose of running away after the accident。
This channel,Can send her directly to South America,And get a local account。
And that two hundred million dollars,Enough for her to live the rest of her life。
After getting up in the morning,She wraps.The little white face raised was very considerate and bought back soy milk fritters for her。
People who don’t know the situation,I would think they are a loving couple。